Crystal Shops In Canada

If you’re wondering where to find crystal shops in Canada, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered the best shops and categorized them by province so you can choose to shop within your province or across Canada. Whether you’re a seasoned gemstone lover or new to these healing stones, you’re going to love checking out all of these amazing Canadian crystal shops.

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Alberta Crystal Shops

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Divine Mine

Divine Mine is based in Calgary, AB and offers products for mind, body and spirit including a wide range of crystals, tarot cards, books and decor (and SO much more). They have a full online shop but also two retail locations if you’re located in Calgary.

Prairie Girl Gems

  • Based in Strathmore, AB

Edmonton Crystal Stores

A Sunshine Smile

  • Based in Edmonton, AB

XI Crystal Cove

  • Based in Edmonton, AB

British Columbia Crystal Shops

Curly Candle

Curly Candle is based in Delta, BC and has an amazing selection of crystals in various sizes along with products like smudging kits and crystal infused candles.


Six Of Wands is based in Burnaby, BC and has a mix of tumbled and raw gemstones, from selenite to black tourmaline and this beautiful raw amethyst (pictured below).

Manitoba Crystal Shops

Winnipeg Crystal Stores

Sagewick & Willow

Sagewick & Willow is based in Winnipeg, MB and offers a range of metaphysical products that can support you on your spiritual journey. Products include a beautiful collection of crystals, sage bundles, singing bowls, journals and more.

New Brunswick Crystal Shops

Crystal co. canada

Crystal Co. Canada is based in Fredericton, NB and has a great mix of crystals including crystals in unique shapes like mini elephants, moon, shells and hearts.

Newfoundland & Labrador Crystal Shops

Alexas crystals

Alexas Crystals, based in Marystown NL, has a small but beautiful collection of tumbled healing crystals including white howlite and unakite.

Nova Scotia Crystal Shops

EC Manadala Stones

EC Manadala Stones is based in Halifax, NS and has a beautiful collection of crystals, like the amethyst clusters pictured below. They also have gift sets and wooden dot mandala boxes.

Ontario Crystal Shops

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Moonbeam Healing

  • Based in Sault Ste. Marie, ON
  • Save 10% with coupon code: SHOPLOCAL10

Lisa Fernandes

Lisa Fernandes is based in London, ON and offers a range of tools for ‘energetic expansion’. From oracle decks, human design readings, and a selection of beautiful crystals, Lisa has everything you need to raise your vibe. 


Love & Light Jewels is a black-owned business based in Richmond Hill, ON. Their products range from home decor, to crystal infused candles, to a beautiful collection of crystals in their ‘just crystals’ section.


Chanti Esthetic & Wellness is based in Russell, ON and offers a mix of in-person services like facials and energetic cleanses, a monthly membership community and an online shop. Their online shop has everything from crystals, crystal-infused candles and products from other high vibration brands.


Soul Fire is based in Guelph, ON and although they don’t sell crystals, they create handprinted tees, tanks and sweaters that are perfect for crystal lovers. We had to include them!

Quebec Crystal Shops


The Local Crystal Shop based in Montreal, QC provides a wide range of ethically sourced crystals at affordable prices. You can easily shop by price range and they have the option to grab a mystery mix of crystals which is always fun.


The Local Crystal Shop based in Montreal, QC provides a wide range of ethically sourced crystals at affordable prices. You can easily shop by price range and they have the option to grab a mystery mix of crystals which is always fun.

Saskatchewan Crystal Shops


All of the crystals from this Saskatoon based shop are purified with palo santo and then infused with Reiki energy. The owner of Soul Creations is a level 3 Reiki Usui practitioner. Products range from tumbled and raw stones, crystal kits and healing bracelets.


JJG Artistry is based in Saskatoon, SK and offers a range of products like crushed glass and resin art supplies along with a full selection of crystals. They have large crystals too and include free shipping on orders over $80.

Yukon Crystal Shops

Infused With The North

Infused With The North is based in the Yukon and brings the energy of the North into their crystals. Their crystal collection consists of primarily raw gemstones like this gorgeous apatite set (shown below).

Hopefully this list helped you find new crystal shops in Canada to check out. We’ll keep adding more as we discover them so keep checking back. 

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