Top Halifax Nova Scotia Artists

We’re excited to share these top Halifax Nova Scotia artists with you. Whether you’re looking to feature Nova Scotia landscapes or original floral watercolour paintings (or more) in your home, these Halifax-based Canadian artists are incredibly talented and paint a range of beautiful artwork. 


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Rhonda Marineau Halifax Artist

Rhonda Marineau is a Canadian artist based in Halifax, NS. Her collection of original art consists mainly of landscape and floral paintings. She has a lot of small paintings available which would make incredible gift ideas. Our personal favourite piece is this 5×7″ country road painting. It would look great on a gallery wall or on its own in a hallway or bedroom.

Picture Credit: Rhonda Marineau

Paul Hannon

Paul Hannon is another incredibly talented Halifax artist painting impressive landscape oil paintings. Included in his collection are paintings of European landscapes like rolling hills in Italy (first picture below) or iconic Nova Scotia scenes (second picture below). He has both original paintings and high quality archival giclee canvas prints.

Picture Credit: Paul Hannon
Picture Credit: Paul Hannon

VBW Studio

Vivian is the talented Canadian artist based in Halifax behind VBW Studio. Her online shop is full of beautiful archival ink giclee prints featuring her original watercolour art. From flower fields to beaches and mountain ranges, her art features various gorgeous landscapes. All of her art has a very calming feel to it which we love. 

Picture Credit: VBW Studio

More Local Halifax Artists

Yulia Cheprasova

Yulia Cheprasova is a Halifax artist and owner of ‘My Colours Of Water’ where she features and sells her beautiful original landscape watercolour paintings. We were completely amazed by this lavender field original artwork and think it would make a great gift for Grandmas. Yulia also paints really beautiful custom house portraits.

Picture Credit: My Colours Of Water

Halifax Nova Scotia Artist: Evgenia Makogon

Evgenia Makogon is an artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia that creates landscape oil paintings. Many of her original paintings feature Nova Scotia inspired scenes like Peggy’s Cove (shown below).

Picture Credit: Evgenia Makogon

Wynand Van Niekirk

Wynand Van Niekirk is a local Halifax artist and the owner of ‘Downtown Sketcher’. He paints illustrations from popular streets, storefronts and architecture. It’s such a unique way to showcase a city.

Picture Credit: Downtown Sketcher

Kerri Sheila

Kerri Sheila is a Canadian artist based just outside of Halifax. Her watercolour paintings are nature-inspired and feature mainly floral designs. These painting would brighten up your home and would make a great gift for flower lovers.

Picture Credit: Kerri Sheila

Art By Ash Halifax Artists

Ashley from Art By Ash is another Halifax watercolour artist. Her shop consists mainly of her beautiful watercolour art turned into prints but she also has a few of her original paintings available for purchase. We love this beautiful original art under $100 lavender fields 8×10″ piece.

Picture Credit: Art By Ash

Artists In Halifax: Victoria Ella

Victoria is a local Halifax artist painting beautiful watercolour art. Some of her watercolour paintings are more abstract while others include floral designs. She has many pieces of original art under $100.

Picture Credit: Victoria Ella

Alyssa Doggett

Alyssa Doggett is the Halifax artist and owner of Watercolors Make Me Smile where she features her gouache landscape paintings. Many of her paintings focus on beautiful Nova Scotia landscapes and she has a section on her website completely devoted to featuring them. She also offers commissions so if you have a picture you’d love painted, send her a message!

These local Halifax Nova Scotia artists are all creating beautiful original artwork. We’ll continue to update this list as we discovered more Canadian artists based in Halifax to share with you.  

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