Hanson Road Flower Co

Business Name: Hanson Road Flower Co

Location: 445 King Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Products Include: Hand-tied bouquets or vase flower arrangements, and other gifts like candles, pots, greeting cards and more.

Learn more about Hanson Road Flower Co in our interview below.


Fredericton Flower Shop

What inspired you to open your business?

I’ve always been enchanted by flowers, whether they were growing wildly in the ditches of Hanson Road where I grew up, or displayed quirkily on bar tables at the restaurant I worked at in Melbourne. After living in Australia for some years, I was first inspired by a more enjoyment focused lifestyle natural to Australians, which led me to turn my love of flowers into a business that could provide the same perks of both happiness and livelihood!

How would you describe your business?

Hanson Road is a floral design studio and boutique located in Downtown Fredericton. We provide casual flowers, in the form of hand-tied bouquets and artful vase designs, and a selection of mostly Canadian and women-made artisinal products including self care and beauty items, home and lifestyle decor, botanically inspired accessories and art, and so much more. Whether you are shopping for yourself after a tough day at work, or for a loved one who needs some extra light in their life, our curated collection of products are tailored to offer the recipient a space in time to focus purely on themselves and their wellness, and we hope that is the same impact stopping into our shop has on our Roadies as well.

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Our flowers, of course! 

We keep things real at Hanson Road, and that makes us feel so close to our Flower Family, and we think they feel connected to us in return! We work with different flowers every week, and include our Roadies in the ordering, unpacking, and design process as often as we can through social media. We design our blooms in natural, garden-style, boho arrangements, and work hard to use sustinable materials to reduce our environmental footprint. We are a no-foam-flowershop! The other products we bring in to our boutique are chosen based on a similar set of values including the simple, the boho, the sustainable, and of course the beautiful (and we mean both in terms of sight and smells!).

What’s your personal favourite product right now?

We just had a new signature candle designed for us by A White Nest (another women owned company in New Brunswick) called ‘Smells Like Hanson Road’, and is designed with the fragrances of cedar, lavender and honey, which perfectly captures the aromas of our shop when you walk in the door. We love it because it smells heavenly, and because nearly every Roadie that walks in says some version of “OMG it smells amazing in here, I wish I could bottle it up and take it home” and they literally can now!

If you’re ever in Fredericton, NB make sure you visit Hanson Road Flower Co and support this amazing local business. Whether you’re looking for a gift or flowers for a special person in your life, including yourself, they have everything you need in their great smelling boutique.

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