We’re excited to introduce you to Hygge In A Box, a local Winnipeg business offering curated subscription and gift boxes in our interview below. 

Business Name: Hygge In A Box

Based In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Hygge In A Box Winnipeg Manitoba

How would you describe your business?

Hygge in a Box is a passionate pursuit of the Danish concept of coziness and mindfulness. Our unique curation process selects products exclusively from Canadian businesses, emphasizing natural, fair-trade, and sustainable materials when possible and ensuring that every item contributes to a sense of comfort and connection. We’re dedicated to delivering eco-friendly, high-quality experiences, all in one beautifully packaged box.

What sets Hygge in a Box apart is the depth of thought and passion that goes into each curation. My personal journey of healing and self-discovery through Hygge is the driving force behind our offerings. With a background in urban homesteading and a deep appreciation for slow living, we like to bring a unique perspective to the curation process that aims to not only offer coziness in a box but to allow others to enjoy some “me time” for their own wellbeing and mental health.

What inspired you to open your shop?

My business journey was inspired by memories of family rituals, experiences and the comforting moments we shared as a family, true Hygge experiences. However, a tragic loss forced me to reevaluate life. I found solace in gardening and slow living, realizing that Hygge was the key to my healing. Recognizing the need for Hygge in our busy world, I founded Hygge Canada in 2017 and then Hygge in a Box in 2019. We aim to bring inner comfort, clarity & connection to others through events, retreats, and subscription boxes, helping people rediscover mindfulness in today’s fast-paced life.

Winnipeg Subscription Box

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Quarterly Subscriptions and our Limited Edition boxes like the Holiday Box and Mother’s Day.

Our Quarterly Subscription and Limited Edition boxes, including our highly sought-after Holiday Box and Mother’s Day edition, are known for their careful curation and commitment to being on ‘theme’. They are curated with care and featuring high-quality, eco-friendly materials. These boxes are a testament to Canadian artistry, supporting local businesses and artisans. They offer a personalized touch that resonates with the occasion. Beyond the tangible items, they invite recipients to embrace the Hygge lifestyle, fostering relaxation and connections. These boxes are loved by people across the globe for their exceptional quality and the joy they bring to those who receive them.

What’s your favourite ‘can’t live without’ product from your shop?

My personal favourite from our current offering is the limited edition Wanderlust Hygge Box. It captures the essence of wanderlust and Hygge in one package. Each item, from the cozy scented tin candle to the smores cookie jar and the artisanal items evokes a sense of adventure and comfort. It’s a curated journey that invites you to explore the world from the comfort of your home, igniting the spirit of wanderlust while creating those special Hygge moments that resonate with mindfulness and connection.

Our top pick from their shop is the Hygge Holiday Box which is perfect to give as a gift or send to love ones during the holidays.

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