Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Co is a local Winnipeg coffee roaster. We’ve enjoyed their coffee on multiple occasions over the past few years and are excited to share more about Heather & Jim (the owners) in our interview below.

Business Name: Mugging Whales Premium Coffee Co.

Based In: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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How would you describe your business?

We are an online business and we ship our coffee across Canada, including rural and remote communities. We do have a few retailers that sell our coffee, but most of our orders come from our online shop.

Our coffee is roasted in small batches so it’s fresh. To maintain that freshness, we only sell whole beans (because ground coffee goes stale very quickly). And we only choose specialty coffees that score above 80 points, as graded on a 100-point scale. This ensures a higher quality coffee that has been grown with much care and attention by the farmers. Most of our coffees are single-origin to highlight the unique flavours from each region.

We love the idea of taking fresh roasted coffee with us to fuel our adventures when we travel. Our favourite brewing method is the AeroPress because it’s so convenient to use no matter where we are. It also makes a clean, smooth and flavourful cup of coffee. For this reason, we taste test each batch of coffee for consistency through the AeroPress.

What inspired you to open your shop?

My boyfriend Jim and I started our business in 2018 after our trip to Maui, Hawaii. We enjoyed finding little coffee shops on the island that served locally grown coffee. This is where we discovered Maui Mokka – a unique coffee that is only grown on Maui! (Many of the coffee shops that we discovered were located in the town of Lahaina, which has recently been destroyed by wildfires.)

Our love for coffee comes from our travels, not only to Maui, but also to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. We wanted to bring some of these experiences home with us, so we decided to start a coffee business!

Winnipeg Coffee Mugging Whales

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Our GUATEMALA coffee is our bestseller!

As a medium-dark roast, our GUATEMALA coffee has a very well-balanced, full-bodied flavour. We find that most of our customers prefer a darker roast, and that roast profile suits this coffee perfectly to bring out its flavours of nuts and dark chocolate.

What’s your favourite product from your shop?

We just introduced our new sugarcane DECAF coffee and we are LOVING it! It is delicious iced and hot. (I know, it’s hard to believe a decaf can also be delicious, right?!).

The sugarcane decaffeination process allows the coffee to maintain its original, rich flavour and adds a touch of sweetness from the sugarcane. What we love the most is that this is a natural decaffeination process and it’s chemical-free!

One thing we personally love about our Mugging Whales coffee bean orders are that they include a note with the date that the coffee beans were roasted. There’s something really nice about knowing how fresh the beans are. It’s an added touch that we appreciate. We highly recommend this Winnipeg coffee roaster.

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