Are you looking for inflatable paddle boards for your summer adventures? Maddle Boards is an awesome Montreal-based company founded in 2020 selling inflatable paddle boards and accessories. Their boards are designed to be stable and durable enough for both beginner and intermediate paddlers.

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Maddle boards are awesome because they partner with artists to create really unique designs for their boards. The artwork really makes these paddle boards stand out.

The best part about most of the paddle boards from Maddle is that they’re only 13 lbs so they are really lightweight. They easily fold into a backpack so you can throw them in your car and bring them wherever your adventures take you.

When you order, not only do you get free shipping, but you don’t have to worry about buying all the accessories separately.

Maddle Boards come with a pump to inflate your board, a backpack to store and easily transport your paddle board, a leash for safety and a paddle that easily folds. They really have thought of everything! 

Their 2023 inflatable paddle boards all come with a two year warranty and free express shipping. You can be out on the water enjoying your board in no time. 

We’ve been completely impressed with the inflatable paddle boards from Maddle. They’ve truly thought of everything and make finding a unique paddle board that’s easy to transport, store & use really easy. Here’s to the best summer ever! 

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