Everlasting Candle Co.

Handmade steel oil candle that doesn’t break down

Everlasting Candle Co. (see discount code below)

Everlasting Candle Co. candles are a one of a kind indoor oil candle with an elegant and timeless design that have been handcrafted by a husband and wife team in the Fraser Valley, BC.  The design was created 17 years ago by a family member who had a love for ambiance and an eye for decor. With a patent pending, this unique design has been brought to life, and ready to be shared with you.

The Everlasting Candle range features 3 handcrafted metal candles with a choice of gold, silver, black or copper matte finish. This is accompanied with a custom hand-blown ‘Ayden’ glass vase that is named after their first baby boy born in March 2019. The set is complete with ‘Pristine Oil’ which is clean burning, odourless and doesn’t produce smoke.

You can light them over and over again! This steel oil candle doesn’t break down – you simply need to top up the oil; making them completely… Everlasting.

A unique gift for someone who has everything.

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2 reviews

  1. My daughter and I loved these candles. I wanted to buy these candles for her birthday!! Was in a store here on mainstreet here in Mission. I see the store is gone and replaced with a candystore!!

  2. Enchanting

    I just ordered another two sets of these beautiful everlasting candles. Have been giving them as gifts this past Christmas.
    Am getting a second set for my home in a different colour and the new vase / holder just released plus another for a birthday gift.
    They are very stylish in a modern way and enhance any decor.
    Thank you.

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