Mirb Studio

Ottawa, ON

Business Name: Mirb Studio

Based In: Ottawa, ON

Products Include: Nature-inspired handcrafted pottery

Describe your brand:

As a one woman show. I am Mirb Studio. I create functional pottery inspired by Ontario’s nature and hand build each piece using a technique called Slab.

My process begins in a wet clay form called slip. To reach the slip form, I recycle dried clay from cut offs, add water, and blend until smooth. Once the clay is thoroughly mixed, I plop it onto a plaster board and let it dry until it’s a moldable consistency. I remove the moldable clay and wedge all of the air bubbles out. From there, I use a rolling pin and roll out the clay into sheets of Slab. I allow the clay to semi dry and then begin to build. On a good day, I can build a maximum of 6 pieces. Once each piece is slowly dried over the course of a week, I load them into the kiln for a bisque fire. The next day, I wipe, tape, hand paint each tree, and then brush the glazes onto each piece. The painting and glazing process usually takes upward of 12 hours. The kiln is then reloaded and fired to 2,200F. During this time, I pray to the kiln gods that my pieces come out looking as intended, and after 17 hours, I can finally open the kiln and lovingly inspect each individual piece.

What inspired you to start your business?

As a person who loves to spend my time creating, I have forever jumped between many different forms of art. From painting, to mosaics, to punch needle, I never quite stuck to just one. Once I submersed myself into the world of ceramics, I was so consumed by all the time-sensitive steps and intricate self-learning processes that I couldn’t just hop to another project. After many years of creating and perfecting my art, I finally had a line of pieces that felt like me. I created so much that my inventory grew and I decided to take a leap and partake in a popular Ottawa market. As a first time vendor, I had a lot to learn. Thankfully my pieces were embraced by the local community and there Mirb Studio began.

What’s your bestselling product & why do you think it’s so popular?

My tree mugs are quite popular.

My mugs are hand built, with hand painted trees and brushed on glaze. This technique ensures each mug is unique with no two mugs the same. The constant in shape and tree design creates a matching style with a twist of colours through a thoughtful layering process of different glazes. These glazes play and meld while fired in the kiln to present their own similar but different colour formations once cooled.

What’s your personal favourite product from your shop right now? Why do you love it so much?

Right now, I am in love with my Honey Pot mugs. This is a new style that I have meticulously thought through and have finally built a beautiful piece from the trial and errors. The feel of the rounded handles and large shape, really make me fall in love with this piece. I love the stark glaze line and geometric shape, presenting a fun and unique piece!

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