Business Name: Terroso Studios

Based In: Holland Landing, Ontario

Products Include: Award winning handmade ceramic home decor 

Shipping: They offer free shipping

Learn more about Terroso Studios in our interview below.

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Terroso Studios Home Decor

What inspired you to open your shop?

In 2020 when almost everything was in lockdown I was trying to find something to create and start a business myself. I always knew that I’m creative but didn’t know how, where or when to start until one day I was doing a decor diy project when I recognised that the idea of the business had always been in front of me and from there I started looking for decorative accents ideas , experimenting and checking online all the time for inspiration and trends . Also, many other small businesses back then inspired me and encouraged me to start.

How would you describe your business?

My work now is taking most of my time. I’m creating most of the times and I just can’t stop. Before ceramics I started first with plaster and polymer clay but due to the shortages and the lack of the creative freedom those materials provided I had to look for something that would give me more ability to express my creativity until I tried natural clay . I had never touched clay before that nor I thought about it but when I did I got hooked immediately and started my ceramic work in 2022. and I learned everything by myself watching youtube videos. Pottery is just very therapeutic , from the second I throw on the wheel where I let the clay speak to me to make it the way it wishes, to trimming, adding handles, to the rings and chains and lastly glazing and firing. It’s a long process that needs a lot of patience but really enjoyable and worth it.

What’s your best selling product and why is it so popular?

In the last 3 years of my shop I had many bestselling products but this year all the ceramics with chains were sold quickly especially the planter that was chosen as the Home Decor category winner in Etsy Design Awards 2023.

The chained planter with a dish was an idea that I came up with around a month before entering the Etsy Design Awards. I wanted to make a piece that would speak and tell my story. As a Syrian artist I get inspiration for all my creations from my heritage and culture which is rich in handmade antiques, ceramics and all kind of jewelry where the chains and rings idea came from originally . All of the planter is made of ceramic in Terracotta and off white porcelain colour. While the raw unglazed finish reflects the beauty of the natural clay, the chain represents the connection between us and earth through the plant that will be growing in it.

What’s your favourite product from your own shop?

Actually, I love all my creations. I don’t really have one specific favourite. Each piece has a character and something special about it. Everytime I make a new one I say yeah this is my favourite but then I find out that they’re all my favourite equally. They all come to life from my hands and after the clay spoke to me while making them, pottery is like magic every single time and never fails to amaze me that’s why I love them all.

What’s your favourite local Canadian business?

There are many favourite Canadian local businesses and I don’t wanna forget anyone. But for Candles I love the Market Candle Company, Candelish and Luvo Candles.  Also one of the best small businesses and a success story is Her Crescent and Co owned by Hillary, she sells all kind of nursing apparel and accessories. In home decor I love what Mimi La Rouleuse makes (see below).

Picture Credit: Mimi La Rouleuse

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