Local Clothing Brands in Vancouver

Shopping can be fun at times, and downright frustrating at others. Whether it’s the quality of item, outdated style, lack of sizes or unimaginative designs, choosing where you shop can have a big impact on what you find. It’s time to ditch fast fashion and start investing in pieces that will last you years to come. We’re excited to introduce you to sustainable and local clothing brands in Vancouver.

These brands have decided to put the planet first, by consciously choosing to make sure you feel good wearing and buying their collections. Here they are – six local clothing brands in Vancouver that you can support while simultaneously supporting the planet.


Slow down a minute with Arraei Collective, taking in their collection exuding harmony that exists in nature. Made with all-natural fibres, this brand allows you to reconnect with our earth and get rooted in making conscious choices. Responsible thought paired with sustainable action is one step towards the union of humanity and planet – so start now by mindfully choosing clothing that you know was made with the same intentions.


Fast fashion? Not at this boutique! Shopping at Couture Therapy means that you’re in it for the long haul. Designing piece after piece that will stand the test of time, these makers believe that fashion should be neither fast nor disposable. Whenever possible, this team incorporates certified organically grown and local woven cottons, biodegradable Tencel and sustainably produced knitwear in every collection. Better yet, they promise to continue educating themselves on sustainable practices as we learn more ways to protect our planet.

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Environmentally-conscious and sustainably-driven, Serenity West creates apparel and home decor. Continually producing timeless pieces with the most sustainable materials, this company encourages you to consume less by enjoying what you purchase for longer. Everything from natural fabrics and buttons during the design phase to conscious packaging in the final stage was created with the environment in mind. Quality, durability and sustainability are what keep this mother-daughter business duo smiling day after day.


Designed in Vancouver and ethically made in Mexico, La Monarch creates fashionable pieces with their social and environmental impact in mind. Each collection is small with every design made in low quantities using fabrics from over-stock or are sourced from in-stock materials. Their entire line is made by a local family in Mexico close to the workshop so that their environmental impact remains low while supporting the local community. With all of that in mind, La Monarch creates timeless pieces that you can keep in your closet for years, great to dress up or dress down – whatever the occasion!

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Comfortable AND sustainable? That’s right – Jessica has mastered the perfect combination. Creating and designing hand-dyed clothing with natural colours from plants, Jessica Reddit Design provides you with the most sustainable of comfortable clothing options. Each garment is made with reclaimed or natural textiles and often dyed with colours derived from their very own dye garden. Jessica Redditt Design proudly pays their seamstresses living wages so that you can enjoy a healthy, natural lifestyle day after day, guilt-free.



Known as a Canadian slow fashion house, Harly Jae promotes well-crafted garments that are intended for longevity. By choosing to invest in high-quality items over fast fashion found at the nearest outlet mall, you not only support a local maker but also lower your environmental impact by both shopping and discarding less. Throughout the design, production, packaging and branding stages, Harly Jae ensures that their practices are ethical, sustainable and well-thought-out so their brand continues to fight for further sustainability.

Who knew there were so many local shops in Vancouver offering sustainable clothing options! Let’s make the world a more ethical, natural and cruelty-free place – one article of clothing at a time by supporting these Canadian businesses.

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By Kelsey Woods

All pictures are from the websites of the businesses we featured.

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