Cute Mommy And Me Outfits

If you’re looking for Mommy and me outfits in Canada, you’ll love this round-up of our favourite matching sets. We feature everything from cute mommy and me matching sweaters, t-shirts, holiday themed matching tops, mom and me bathing suits and loungewear. Happy Shopping!


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!


Mom & Me Matching Swimwear

Canadian swimwear brand, Honeysuckle Swim Company, is our favourite shop for mom and me matching swimwear. These matching suits are perfect for your next family vacation or a day at your favourite Canadian beach. The best part is that these bathing suits provide UPF 50+ UV protection.

Picture Credit: Honeysuckle Swim Company

Mom & Me Matching Sweaters

Mommy & Me Outfits: Polka Dot Matching Sweaters

Dekal Dekor is a local Ontario shop based in St. Catharines that has a great collection of mommy and me matching sweaters. We personally love this polka dot ‘mama and mini’ matching sweater set. They also have a selection of matching sets for the whole family and for Dads and their ‘minis’ too!

Picture Credit: Dekal Dekor

Raising Wildflowers Sweaters: Mommy & Me Outfits

Hayden & Gray Company is a local Manitoba shop based in Lorette. They have such a cute selection of Mommy and me outfits including our favourite sweaters that say ‘raising wildflowers’ for the Mom and ‘wildflower’ for the child. You can also get this one as a t-shirt.

Mom & Me Matching Retro Sweaters

Diby Design Co. is a local Ontario business based in St. Catharines. They have a few mom and me sweaters to choose from including the retro style shown below.

Picture Credit: Diby Design Co.

Mom & Me Matching T-Shirts

Minimalist Mama & Mini T-Shirt

Hamilton Ontario clothing store, Blissible, has a great collection of mommy and me outfits. Our favourite pick from their shop are these minimalist mama and mini t-shirts (shown below).

Picture Credit: Blissible

Two Lupins, a local Prince Edward Island shop, also has a cute Mama & Mini t-shirt set.

Picture Credit: Two Lupins

Mommy & Me Oufits: Alberta Girl Mom & Me Tees

Lace Brick Design is a local Calgary clothing store that has a really cute mommy and me outfit that says ‘Alberta Girl’ with a mountain scape. These would be a great gift for mountain lovers.

Mama & Mini Heart T-Shirt

Another adorable option for mommy and me outfits are these mama & mini heart t-shirts from Mabel & Munroe. Mable & Munroe is a local British Columbia business based in Chilliwack.

Raising Wildflowers Matching Outfit

One of our favourite Vancouver clothing stores for graphic tees and sweaters is Make It Customized. They have this super cute mommy and me outfit that says “raising wildflowers” and “wildflower” on the baby or kids top. 

Light & Shine is a local Toronto clothing store that also has a great collection of mommy and me t-shirts and a few sweaters.

Team No Sleep T-Shirts

Mamabuzz Creations is a local Calgary shop that has ‘Team No Sleep’ t-shirts for a sarcastic and funny matching moment. 

Mom & Me Matching Christmas Sets

Merry & Bright Sweaters

Another one of our favourite mom and me outfits from Vancouver clothing store, Make It Customized, are these colourful and modern ‘Merry & Bright’ sweaters. These are perfect for wearing over the holidays or for Christmas pictures by the tree.

Mommy & Me Matching Loungewear

Mom & Me Comfy Matching Sets

Pika Layers is a local Toronto shop that has a great collection of mom and me matching loungewear and pj sets. 

Matching Canadian Made Leggings

Local British Columbia shop, Kristina Benson Art, is based in Kamloops and offers a unique collection of matching mom and me leggings. They have a variety of designs available and all of their leggings are made in Canada.

Leopard Print Matching Set

Own Your Elegance is a local Hamilton clothing store that has a full collection of women’s clothing and dresses along with a cute mix of mommy and me loungewear sets. We love this leopard print set but they have others to choose from as well.

These are our top choices when it comes to mommy and me outfits in Canada. We’ll continue to update this list as we discover more matching sets we think you need to see. Thank you for supporting these local Canadian shops. It means so much.

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