Love Co Ceramics is a pottery business based in Kelowna, BC by Briana Paulson. Learn more about Briana and see her unique pottery creations below.

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Love Co. Ceramics Kelowna Pottery

Our Top Pick: White Heart Mug

When did you open your Etsy shop?


What inspired you to start your business?

I started out creating pottery as a stress relief and creative outlet and quickly fell in love with it. When I decided to start my business I was truly taking a leap of faith and following my heart rather than my head or the expectations of what others wanted for my future.

How would you describe your business?

I create handmade pottery using a pottery wheel and or hand building techniques. I started pottery when I was 15 or 16 years old, I took a beginner introduction to hand building techniques course and intro to pottery wheel class and then after not creating pottery for a few years, during the last year of my undergrad degree at ubco I decided to get back into pottery again. Not with any expectations or even a thought that I would end up pursuing pottery as a career. I simply bought a bag of clay, searched the house for some random tools and taught myself how to hand build again. After a few months my mom bought me a pottery wheel and I began to create more and more until I didn’t have space to keep all of the pottery and so I decided to upload some of my work onto Etsy. Flash forward two years and I get to wake up everyday pursuing my dream job.

Best Selling Product: Heart Mugs

Best Selling Product: Strawberry Mugs

Why do you think they’re so popular?

I think that the heart mugs are popular because they are very simple and minimalist however they have a little pop of natural clay that contrast really beautifully with the glazed portion of the mug. I often have customers say that they have never seen pottery like mine and that it is unique and beautiful quality which is the most incredible compliment.
I think the reason that the strawberry mugs and fruit mugs are so popular is because they are also unique in that, not a lot of potters play with leaving the outside of their work natural clay with little details hand painted with glaze rather than majority of the mug being covered in glaze. This provides a really natural and different texture that you don’t feel when you touch a solid glazed mug. I also think that strawberries are very nostalgic so for myself they spark a lot of childhood joy and I find that customers will often say “they just look so happy”. It means so much to hear that my work brings people joy or happiness, it’s the ultimate hope that I have when I create pottery, to create something that will bring others happiness, so when people express that it does it truly means the world to me.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Love Co Ceramics, a pottery shop based in Kelowna, British Columbia.

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