Low Toxic Nail Polish In Canada

Wearing nail polish is such a fun way to express your style and add that final touch to your outfit. The only thing that isn’t great is all the chemicals that exist in traditional nail polishes. When we discovered and tested a low toxic nail polish in Canada, we knew we had to share it with you.

Low Toxin Canadian Nail Polish

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Low Toxic Canadian Nail Polish

We’re excited to introduce you to the low toxin nail polish available from Canadian business, Pure Anada. Their nail polish is called the ‘5-free’ nail polish collection. We’ve been testing out (and loving!) lots of their different colours over the last few months.

Before we get into our favourite colours, let’s talk about what ‘5-free’ means and why this is so important. In traditional nail polishes there are many harmful chemicals including three that have become more well known – dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. 

Not only has Pure Anada removed these three nasty chemicals from its nail polish, but they’ve also taken the extra step (thankfully) to remove two other harmful chemicals from their polishes – formaldehyde resin and camphor – which is where the ‘5-free’ comes from.


Why does it all matter? Well, probably most alarming is that a few of these chemicals are known carcinogens* meaning they’re a potential cancer causing substance. Equally scary potential impacts are reproductive and thyroid problems. 

Not the most uplifting blog post but hey, it’s best to be informed and to know that 5-free nail polish from Pure Anada contains less harmful chemicals than traditional polishes.

Now that that’s all out of the way, let’s get to the fun part – seeing all the beautiful colours Pure Anada has in their 5-free nail polish collection. Whether you have one colour that you love and use over and over again, or if you like to switch things up with the seasons, there is a colour for everyone. 

A few of our favourites are ‘Debonar’ and ‘Spring Fling’. Their base coat is also amazing because you can truly feel that the base coat is protecting the nail.




Dark and dramatic NAIL POLISH colours


Hopefully this helped you discover your new go-to colour of low toxin nail polish from one of our favourite Canadian shops. 

References: *Harvard Health Publishing Nov 21, 2019

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