Canadian Make Up Brands

Finding make up that meets all of your expectations is amazing, isn’t it? Whether that’s all natural ingredients, full coverage, unique colour palettes, sustainable packaging, and the list could go on and on. We completely understand how important and exciting it is when you find brands you completely align with. In this post we want to introduce you to some of the best Canadian make up brands to help you find a new favourite and support a business right here in Canada. 


All pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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To start we wanted to help you discover a lipstick you love and support a Canadian make up brand, so we’ve shared must-have Canadian lipstick brands with you below. Whether it be sheer and light, or dark and bright, we’re positive you’ll find something new to try out. Then we share a few more make up brands for you to check out further down in this article. 

Canadian Lipstick Brands


Pure Anada is a natural beauty company based in Manitoba. They ethically create affordable skincare and make-up that is cruelty-free and made using natural and clean ingredients. Their online shop is full of products that are made in Canada, 100% organic, vegan and cruelty free. They also have retail shops in Morden and Winkler MB, Cavendish PEI and Cochrane AB. They have so many amazing long-lasting lipstick shades to choose from in either matted or shiny.

MisMack Clean Cosmetics

MisMack Clean Cosmetics is Canada’s newest clean makeup line founded by professional makeup artist Missy MacKintosh. What sets their 100% natural, sustainable and eco-certified makeup apart is their proprietary ingredient that “mimics the look and feel of silicone but is derived from the fatty acids of coconut oil”. Their collection of moisture locking lipsticks includes seven unique, must-have shades. 

They provide professional quality products that are ethically and sustainably made, vegan and toxic free. Along with foundation, eyeshadows, mascara, lipsticks and gloss, they have environmentally friendly glitter and other make up tools.

If you live in Salmon Arm or Victoria BC, you can visit them for a complimentary pampering session!

Cherry Bomb Beauty Co.

Cherry Bomb Beauty Co., a local Vancouver business, offers vegan liquid matte lipstick that is never tested on animals and comes in ten different shades. From neutrals, reds, black, dark green and even bright pink.

Picture Credit: Cherry Bomb

More Make Up Brands In Canada

Bare Natur-All

Bare Natur-ALL (based in Toronto, ON) uses all natural organic ingredients to create all of their products. From liquid eyeliner to foundations and lipstick, you can feel confident knowing their products are toxin-free, high quality and vegan.

Picture Credit: Bare Natur-all

Grounded Sage

Grounded Sage is based in Fredericton, NB and creates a variety of skincare and cruelty-free make up. Their make up collection includes vegan foundation, eyeshadow, blush, concealer, mascara, and tinted face cream. All of their products are made in small batches using natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

TOK Beauty

TOK Beauty is a clean make up brand, based in Calgary AB, that specializes in cruelty-free and vegan mascara, liquid eyeliner and plant-based lip gloss. Their best selling mascara is made with lash enhancing ingredients that promote lash growth. It’s received so many positive reviews!

Opale Essence

Opale Essence is based in Shawinigan QC and creates vegan and cruelty-free mineral eyeshadows that are free from parabens. They have so many beautiful colours to choose from! 

Glosebeautyy Cosmetics

Glosbeautyy Cosmetics is black-owned and founded by a Brampton ON based make up artist. Their make up collection includes vegan and cruelty-free lip liners, matte liquid lipsticks, and lashes.

Sappho New Paradigm

A luxury, vegan and organic make up brand based in Vancouver, BC. They have a range of products like primers, foundations, eyeshadows, lip gloss and bronzers for a wide range of skin colours. All Sappho products are made in Canada in a zero carbon footprint facility. Their mission is “conscious beauty that captures yours, naturally” which we love.

Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is an indigenous-owned and founded Canadian make up brand based in St. Catharines, ON. They create and have become known for their line of high quality, cruelty-free make up. Their collection includes lip sticks, glosses and liners, eyeshadows and pencils, mascara, blush and bronzers. They focus a lot on giving back to various causes which we love!

Picture Credit: Cheekbone Beauty


If you’re looking for luxurious 3D natural looking lashes, Luv Lashes Online (based in Hamilton, ON) has you covered! Check out their online shop to see the huge collection of cruelty-free lashes they have available. Whether you prefer a subtle look or something more dramatic, they have lashes to suit everyone.

Hopefully this round up helped you find new Canadian make up brands to check out. We’ll keep adding beauty brands to this list as we discover ones that we think you’d love.

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