If you love the outdoors (especially the mountains!) and looking great while you’re enjoying a weekend adventure or road trip, Lace Brick Design is the shop for you. Lace Brick Design is an adventure supply company based in Calgary, AB. Jackie, the owner, left her career as a Kindergarten teacher in 2016 to run Lace Brick Design full-time. In this interview she shares some incredible insight about running a business, her goals and some of her best moments in business so far. We hope you enjoy getting to know Jackie and her business a little more.

LACE BRICK DESIGN Calgary, Alberta

When did you start your business and what was the inspiration to start Lace Brick Design?

A passion for the creative life & new adventures propelled me to create Lace Brick Design in 2016. Life is funny, isn’t it?  I would have never guessed when I started out my 10-year career as a Kindergarten teacher that I would find myself, instead, creating a popular adventure brand for women! I truly believe in following one’s gut and going with the flow of life!

What’s the biggest goal you’re trying to achieve with your business?

I feel like this is an ever-moving target! I used to have goals of a studio space that was buzzing with creativity and a 20+ member team! At this moment in time, my ultimate goal is creating streamlined processes within the business and an absolutely excellent customer experience  – all while spending as much time as I can ENJOYING life with my family!

What’s your most fulfilling and enjoyable experience as a business owner so far?

I LOVE the connection to followers and customers! Building a brand with such incredible and loyal customers has been pivotal to the success of the company. Our brand fans are very often repeat purchasers who love the message and quality of the products they purchase. There is something magical about creating and sourcing goods that speak to women in such a powerful way!

Second on the list of my most fulfilling and enjoyable experience as a business owner is getting the call (aka email) from Hallmark stating that they wanted to carry Lace Brick Design goods in their stores!

What’s your favourite ‘must-have’ product from your shop that you enjoy using/wearing the most?

Mountain Girl crew! I love, love, LOVE the fit of this crew – cozy and feminine with a super soft inside. The look is a slightly slouchy and comfy appearance – perfect for after yoga class, relaxing around the campfire, and slow Sunday mornings. The feel of the crew interior is the BEST – fleecy and super soft. The crew washes up beautiful and stands the test of time, that’s for sure! I rotate between my Mountain Girl crew and my Peaks+Pine+Pacific crew – if I could, I would wear them all day, everyday (in fact, I’m sure my family thinks I do!)

What’s your best seller and why do you think it’s so popular?

Our best seller has always been our Alpine Necklace! From day one, this necklace has defined the Lace Brick Design brand. Inspired by the one thing our customers love most – the mountains! There is something special about wearing something you love and a piece that shows the World who you are and what you value. Mountain Girls love this statement symbol of adventure!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for fellow business owners?

Build a brand that is authentic to YOU. Work with your strengths, values, interests, and aesthetic appeal.

Also of equal importance: Offer an amazing customer experience over all else. Every time.

We want to thank Jackie for sharing her experiences with the Shop Local CANADA community. We hope you enjoyed getting to know Jackie and her business, Lace Brick Design, as much as we did. 

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