If you’re ever in Merrickville, ON we highly recommend that you make a stop at the local shop Pickle & Myrrh. We had the pleasure of visiting this incredible shop and can’t recommend it enough. Read more about our experience and hear from the owner of Pickle & Myrrh in our interview below.

Business Name: Pickle & Myrrh

Location: 110 Main Street East, Merrickville Ontario

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Pickle & Myrrh Merrickville, Ontario

What inspired you to open your shop?

My love for nostalgic handmade caramels and caramel sauces.

How would you describe your business?

We use real Canadian Dairy in all our caramels, simple, old fashioned delicious caramels. Hand harvested sea salt from Salt Spring Island, BC. My husband and I are the only ones who make the caramel and sauces since day 1. We have a 1930’s candy machine that cuts and wraps 170 pieces of caramel a minute.

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Sea Salt Caramels and our gourmet chocolate caramel sauce.

People want good quality freshly made candy that reminds them of their childhood. We make our caramels a few times a week so its always fresh and have seasonal flavours such as Waffle Cone Caramels and Pumpkin Spice caramels. Always a reason to pop in!

What’s your personal favourite product from your shop right now?

Waffle Cone Caramels are the seasonal flavour and my personal favourite. We made the waffles ourselves and crush them in-between layers of our creamy caramel so each piece has a delicious crunch!

Not only is Pickle & Myrrh such a cute shop with loads of amazing gift ideas and local products, their handmade caramels are out of this world. We had to go back to stock up on more because we ate the first two bags we bought to give as gifts. They’re THAT good. Our top pick are their sea salt caramels.

As if the amazing caramels weren’t enough, Pickle & Myrrh is full of cute pink accents. As we were walking down the street we saw someone riding a pink vespa scooter and they parked it outside of the shop which we thought was a cute colour matching coincidence because their front door is also pink. After chatting with Erin, the owner, we found out that that was her riding it to open the shop for the day. It truly doesn’t get more amazing than that. We felt like we were in an adorable Hallmark movie and we couldn’t have been happier. It’s obvious how much passion and joy Erin has for, and brings to, Pickle & Myrrh. We couldn’t recommend this shop, their caramels, and the town of Merrickville enough.

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