Best Journals From Canadian Shops

If you’re looking for where to grab the best journals from Canadian shops, I’ve picked my favourites and shared them with you. I’ve always been a big journal person and enjoy sitting down to gather my thoughts in the morning. Lately I’ve shifted to documenting my days by jotting down a few details of my day at night. I also really love keeping a journal when I travel to document the places I’ve been and what I’ve seen.


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Stevie & Bean

Stevie and Bean is a local Calgary business that designs and sells a number of stationery products. Our favourite product is their five year journal. This journal allows you to keep a short summary of your day for the next five years. We love that it’s easy to reflect back on previous years and see what you were doing that exact day. These journals would make a great gift for grandmas or anyone who likes to document their life.

Picture Credit: Stevie & Bean

Linden Paper Co.

Linden Paper Co is a local British Columbia business based in Port Moody. They create a number of stationery products including greeting cards, calendars, monthly planners, notepads, and journals. All of their products feature beautiful floral and plant inspired illustrations with a few cats and dogs pictures as well. Our personal favourite journals are their mini two pack journals that are perfect for bringing with you on a trip or giving one to a friend. These would make a great gift for travellers, as well as a great gift for flower lovers.

Picture Credit: Linden Paper Co.

Posy Paper Journals

Posy Paper is a local Vancouver shop that designs and offers made in Canada planners, notebooks, journals and other stationery products. We particularly like their gratitude journals because it allows you to organize your thoughts, set intentions for the day and show gratitude. We also like that each day shares an inspiring and positive quote to reflect on. They also have really great daily planners for you to organize your days.

Picture Credit: Posy Paper

Canadian Journals: Porchlight Press

Porch light press is a local Vancouver business that creates pocket notebooks and journals. We love that you can choose whether you want plain pages or dotted pages for a bullet journal. We also love that these journals are small enough to bring with you when you travel without being too heavy or bulky. This makes them a great gift for travel lovers.

Picture Credit: Porchlight Press

Journo Travel Goods: Travel Journals

Journo Travel Goods is a local Winnipeg business offering a variety of travel inspired products and gifts. We really like their personalized travel journal and think it makes a great wedding gift. This journal is a great way to keep track of your travel adventures and is personalized with two names on the cover. 

Picture Credit: Journo Travel Goods

Canadian Journals: Ginger Moon

Ginger Moon Gifts is a local Ontario shop based in Whitby. They create a number of cute stationery products and personalized journals. We included their journals in our gifts for teenage girls but they would be great for anybody who loves a colourful journal with their name on it.

Picture Credit: Ginger Moon Crafts

Journals Of Discovery

Journals Of Discovery is another Ontario business that creates a guided and keepsake journals for a variety of people. They have created guided journals specifically for mothers, teachers, entrepreneurs, grandparents, and strong women. We included their ‘making of a grandparent’ guided journal in our gifts for grandmas shopping guide. Journals make a great gift for anyone who appreciates reflecting on their journey in life. Robyn Liechti is the owner and author of Journals Of Discovery, as well as a children’s book, called More Than Anything which we included in our Canadian children’s books guide.

Abundance Journal

Best Life Apparel is a local Calgary business that has a journal for manifesting abundance, and to help you reflect on your life. This journal is perfect if you prefer guided prompts so you don’t have to think about what to write. You can simply answer the questions and use them as a way to call more abundance into your life.

Picture Credit: Best Life Apparel

Man & Crown Leather Journals

Man and Crown is a local Toronto business creating personalized leather goods, including leather bags and leather journal covers. We love their journal covers because you can continue to reuse this cover and it is made specifically to fit an A5 notebook. They also give you the option to have the front of this journal embossed with up to three initials which makes it a great gift idea.

Craft & Antler Journal Covers

If you’re simply looking for a high-quality journal cover so that you can continue to replace the journal and keep it protected, Craft & Antler, a local Ontario business, has a number of made in Canada journal covers to check out. They also have leather passport holders, wallets, trays, card holders, and more. All of their products are made in Aurora Ontario using premium leather and are made to last a lifetime.

Ecojot Canadian Made Journals

We really appreciate that the made in Canada journals by Ecojot are made entirely with recycled paper. Each journal features a beautiful and colourful illustration.

These are some of the best journals from Canadian shops that I’ve found so far. These journals make great gift ideas too!

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