Business Name: Silver Moose Arts

Located In: Linden, MB

Products Include: Made in Canada sterling silver gemstone jewellery  

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What inspired you to start your business?

When I opened my shop the first few months I broke even and started looking at my peers in the jewelry industry and just how many there were. I started to realize if I wanted to be profitable I had to make jewelry for my buyers, not myself. What did my buyers want? I knew I wanted to only work with silver as it meant affordable, hypoallergenic, and quality, but from there I had to listen to them and work in my own creativity. They liked pieces that had meaning or were “everyday wearable” so I started with favourite animals, birthstones, and basics. This did not mean I could not design more unique pieces, it just meant that it would be for a very select group of buyers and I had to work my way to those.

What do you love most about owning and running your business?

Now, a business with it’s own studio, staff and 2 selling platforms, Silver Moose Arts is my full time job and I could not be happier.

What’s your bestselling product? Why do you think it’s so popular?

Simple cross necklace, it’s light weight, a low price point and timeless. Salt and Pepper Diamond hexagon-cut necklaces and rings are my second, and I think for the same reasons as the cross. They’re a more understated and cool piece.

Did you always know you’d follow this path or how has your journey as a maker/business owner progressed? 

I knew I needed a creative outlet and when I stepped away from my career and put some focus on this I realized quickly the more time I put into this the more realistic it was to make this into my actual career. Working for someone else for a steady paycheck doesn’t always mean stable mental health and quality of life. I might not always have “banging” sales months but I always make enough to pay the bills, the team, etc and I can breath easier, so worth it!
What would you say is the #1 thing it takes to be successful with owning and running an online business?
Understanding your strengths and weakness and asking for help on the things you struggle with. SEO, great product photos, quick communication and turn around are all major assets.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in business?

My greatest advice for sellers in saturated markets that want to make this a full-time business, you have to remember exactly that: it’s a business. A business needs buyers and your buyers dictate your offering. This doesn’t mean you need to change your aesthetic, it just means you need to tailor them to their needs. It also means you need to do the admin stuff well, and if you just can’t put a boss hat on, hire help to do the things you struggle with. SEO, photos, website, social media, bookkeeping etc. These need to be done well in order to be a successful shop in any market.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Silver Moose Arts, a local Manitoba business, a little more. To see more of her sterling silver jewellery, click the button below.

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