If you’re looking for Toronto crystal shops, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite shops for you below. There are so many incredible local Toronto businesses selling unique and gorgeous crystals and gemstones. We hope this list helps you find the crystal that’s calling you or an awesome gift for your crystal loving friend. 

Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!


Happy Soul Crystals

Happy Soul is definitely one of our top picks when it comes to Toronto crystal shops. Not only do they have a huge collection of crystals like tumbled gemstones, crystal clusters and wands, but they also tarot cards, books and crystal jewellery. We also love that on their website they have so much information about how to use crystals, how to cleanse crystals and their meanings.

Picture Credit: Happy Soul

Toronto Crystal Store: Yellow Tree Company

Yellow Tree Company, another amazing Toronto crystal shop, was born out of a pure love of the beauty and power of natural stones. Each crystal is meticulously hand-picked to ensure you are receiving the best quality and most unique pieces. Whether you carry them with you or place them in your home, you will benefit from these crystals unique properties. They may help balance your mind, body and spirit.

Picture Credit: Yellow Tree Shop Co.

Spacetime Stones: Toronto Crystals

Spacetime Stones is another great crystal store in Toronto. Lin, the owner, offers crystals that speak to her and chooses pieces that she genuinely loves. The clarity in the Himalayan crystals are stunning to look at but also provide alignment in your mind and body, giving you a balanced and healthy state. Keep these crystals close to you to feel their full power. Her collection mainly includes larger Himalayan quartz crystals.

Picture Credit: Spacetime Stones

Toronto Crystal Store: Sweetie Designs

Sweetie Designs is another Toronto crystal store offering the most unique collection of crystals and gemstones. Make your space a place of healing, success and wisdom with their crystals. They have everything from rare clear quartz and pyrite, blue celestite clusters or the citrine crystal that helps draw abundance of all kinds.

Picture Credit: Sweetie Designs

Lovely Gems By M

Local Toronto shop, Lovely Gems By M, creates incredible suncatchers with a range of crystals and gemstones. They’re stunning! She also has a crystal mystery box that you can order where she’ll pick crystals specifically for you. 

Picture Credit: Lovely Gems By M

Toronto Crystal Store: That Witch Company

That Witch Company is another Toronto crystal shop for you to check out. They don’t have a big collection of crystals but the crystals they do have are ones we haven’t seen in other shops. We love these snow agate cloud crystals and their amethyst crystals that are for your car vents.

Picture Credit: That Witch Company

Moonlit Crystal Shops

Moonlit Crystals is a Toronto crystal store that prides themselves on choosing good energy, high quality crystals. Each crystal is hand-picked and never purchased in bulk. With each order you receive free crystal confetti, tarot reading, stickers, surprise crystal gift, and incense cones.

Picture Credit: Moonlit Crystals

Les Minereaux

Les Minereaux has a wide variety of crystals from small to large such as jade, tourmaline, golden lemurian and more. Some are the perfect size for a pendant or to hold in your hands during meditation or larger crystals to give you the energy you so desire for your space. Each crystal is chosen intuitively for Les Minereaux customers.

Picture Credit: Les Mineraux

The Rock Store

The Rock Store is a Toronto crystal store that offers a large collection of products like crystals, tarot cards, candles along with services and events. They host events like meditations, reiki sessions, tarot card readings and more. 

Visit them in person at:

  • 154 Harbord St. Toronto, ON

Geologic Gallery

Geologic Gallery has a variety of crystals in their two locations in Toronto.

Visit them in person at:

  • 346 Queen St. West, Toronto, ON
  • 320 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON

Tibetan Arts Toronto

Tibetan Arts is another local Toronto shop that offers crystals and other spiritual wellness products.

Visit them in person at:

  • 2487A Yonge St. Toronto, ON

There are some incredible Toronto crystal shops to help you find crystals that resonate with you and fill your home with good vibes and beautiful pieces of nature.  

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