There are some very talented Winnipeg artists we’re really excited to share with you. Some of these Canadian artists are creating large abstract art, others are creating intricate linocuts, and others are painting the most beautiful landscape acrylic artwork.


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Winnipeg Artist: RonaLynn Fitzpatrick

Ronalynn Fitzpatrick is a Canadian artist based in Winnipeg, MB. She’s been creating art for over 40 years and her current collection includes abstract works on paper. These smaller pieces would make a great gift for art collectors.

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Picture Credit: RL Fitzpatrick

Winnipeg Artist: Jared Loewen

Winnipeg artist, Jared Loewen, is creating contemporary original art. Our favourite collection is his colourful line art like the piece shown below. These colourful paintings would definitely add a joyful vibe to your home. 

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Picture Credit: Jared Loewen

Eugene Kabrun

Eugene Kabrun is creating gorgeous mixed media landscape and portrait paintings. Our absolutely favourite piece is this flower farm acrylic painting on canvas.

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Picture Credit: Kabrun Art

Winnipeg Artist: Greg Cymbalist

Winnipeg artist, Greg Cymbalist, paints beautiful acrylic landscape paintings. As you can see with the painting below called ‘deep in the woods’, there is so much emotion captured in his paintings.

Picture Credit: Greg Cymbalist

Lisa Whitehouse: Winnipeg Artist

Lisa Whitehouse is a local Winnipeg artist focused primarily on painting animal and pet paintings. We love her painting of the black bear shown below. You can see the emotion in its eyes and the brighter colours give it a more friendly look. It would look great hung in a cabin or cottage bedroom. Lisa also has a number of colourful dog paintings from just about every breed. These would make a great gift for dog lovers.

Picture Credit: Lisa Whitehouse

Le Papillon Art

Charlene Du Toit is the artist behind the shop, Le Papillon Art. She creates incredible mixed media art that includes portraits like the piece shown below. She also creates pieces that feature a quote or saying. These pieces are truly unique.

Picture Credit: Le Papillon Art

Winnipeg Artist: Hannah Guthrie

Hannah Guthrie is a talented artist in Winnipeg, MB. She creates a few different styles including linocut prints inspired by the outdoors as well as floral themed paintings. Her outdoorsy linocut designs like this mountain themed artwork would make an awesome gift for mountain lovers. Her floral paintings would make a great gift for flower lovers.

Picture Credit: Hannah Guthrie

Artist In Winnipeg: Alice Smith

Winnipeg artist, Alice Smith, is creating original pencil drawings that have so many amazing details. She also offers custom pet portraits which make an awesome gift for dog lovers.

Picture Credit: Alice Smith

Whillikers Studio

This art is made using traditional print making techniques. A piece of linoleum is hand carved, covered in ink and then stamped. Each of these prints from Whillikers Studio is so intricate. We love this sunflower design.

Picture Credit: Whillikers Studio

These Winnipeg artists are truly talented. We’ll keep adding to this list as we discover more artists in Winnipeg that we want to share with you. If you’d like to see more art, the Winnipeg Art Gallery always has a rotating series of art collections to enjoy.

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