We’ve gathered a list of the best zodiac sign gift ideas from local shops across Canada. Having trouble finding the perfect unique and personalized gift to show someone you really care? Maybe it’s time to look to the stars! Whether you are shopping for an ambitious Aries or a glamorous Gemini, we feature a gift that they’ll love. We include everything from zodiac sign planters, to zodiac themed art, jewellery and clothing. Enjoy! 


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Zodiac Planters

Rally & Roots is a local Toronto shop that creates really cute hand stamped planters, including ones that feature zodiac sign constellations. These make a great gift for plant lovers too!

Zodiac Sign T-Shirts

With so many colours to choose from, it will be difficult to buy just one of these zodiac sign t-shirts from Make It Customized, one of our favourite online Vancouver clothing stores. We love the idea of buying them for your entire friend group. You can each show off your zodiac sign proudly on your t-shirt or choose the crew neck sweater option as well. 

Picture Credit: Make It Customized

These cool, oversized, vintage, and retro-looking zodiac sign t-shirts are from Blissible, a Hamilton clothing store. They feature a retro graphic that perfectly depicts each sign. They come in five colours so you can find one that perfectly suits your style. 

Picture Credit: Blissible

Zodiac Crystal Gift Box

The crystal zodiac healing box from Lark & The Lotus, a local Barrie shop, is the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Personalize this gift box by choosing the zodiac sign of the recipient and choose from the array of scents: rose, lemongrass, patchouli and more for the candle, body spray and bath salts. And to top it off this cozy gift basket comes with a pair of fuzzy socks. 

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Picture Credit: Lark Lotus Naturals

Zodiac Sign Coasters Gift Ideas

These gorgeous handmade zodiac constellation coasters from Sabology, a local Ontario business, are perfect for your home. Not only are they practical, as they will protect your table surfaces from ring marks and damage but they are a beautiful piece of design for your home as well. Made from Jesmonite, which is an eco-friendly resin, the matte finish gives these coasters a modern look.

Picture Credit: Sabology

Zodiac Sign Wall Art

Now these are cool! Mystik Prints, a local Ottawa business, can make you a personalized astrology birth chart. Using your birth date, time and location. These beautiful prints are put onto white or black cardstock and the illustration is accented in a beautiful foil colour of your choice. What a unique and beautiful piece to have hanging in your home.

Picture Credit: Mystik Prints

GPrez Designs is a local Calgary business that has created an entire collection of unique zodiac sign wall art. We love the minimalist, black and white vibe of their illustrations. 

These beautiful astrology art prints from Vancouver business, Emilie Draws Things, will be the perfect addition to your art collection. Designed and made by Emilie, these prints include many of the elements of an astrology sign; the symbol, constellation, the flower and the birth dates. Select a colour combination and a size, and add the print to a frame and you have a beautiful piece of art that is sure to spark conversation with your guests.

Picture Credit: Emilie Draws Things

Zodiac Candles

Dark Horse Handcrafted, a local Alberta business based in Mayerthorpe, offers a collection of zodiac candles. These candles are unique because they include a handmade clay pendant keychain with the corresponding zodiac sign hidden inside the candle. So as your candle burns, you’ll discover a little surprise. 

Oh these candles are fun! Do you have a friend with a great sense of humour? Then these zodiac candles with funny and a little offside horoscopes are the perfect gift for them. These deliciously scented candles come with a punch. Choose the zodiac sign and Ontario business, Three Twelve Studio, will add a horoscope that tells you everything that is bad and insulting about your sign. It’s sure to get a laugh!

Picture Credit: Three Twelve Studio

Astrology Books Zodiac Sign Gifts

The Divine Mine is one of our favourite Calgary crystal stores. They not only have a large collection of crystal and spiritual products to choose from but they also have zodiac sign gift ideas. We especially love their books that breakdown each sign individually and how to use your astrology sign as a positive tool in your life. 

Zodiac Sign Keychain Gift

Ivy + Echo, a local Vancouver shop, has a collection of zodiac sign key chains that they’ve created by lasering a design into a wood circle. 

Zodiac Sign Jewellery

Elizabeth Lyn, a local Saskatoon jewellery store, makes the most elegant zodiac sign necklaces. They feature a gold pendant style on a chic chain. It’s the perfect necklace for stacking a few of your favourite chains together. Choose your zodiac sign and wear it proudly around your neck or buy one as a very personalized gift for someone.

AIX-EN-TRIC is a Canadian fine jewellery shop based in Toronto, ON. They have a retail location in Toronto so you can visit them in person. They have solid gold zodiac sign necklaces that you can enjoy for years to come.

Visit them in person at:

  • 2144 Queen St. East, Toronto

Sugar Free Love Jewelry is a local British Columbia shop based in Tumbler Ridge. They have a collection of silver zodiac sign necklaces that feature a stamped sterling silver dainty pendant. They offer free shipping when you order two or more items.

Steel Daisy is a Calgary jewellery store that has a collection of zodiac constellation necklaces in gold and silver. These pair nicely with their morse code necklaces.

These are some of our top picks for zodiac sign gift ideas. If you’re looking for gifts for other people too, check out our gift ideas.

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