Calgary Artists To Check Out

When it comes to artists in Calgary, there are so many talented people creating amazing art. If you’re looking to add a new piece of art to your home or are simply curious about the artists in Calgary, see the list below for Calgary artists to check out. 


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Michelle Pocock Abstract Art Calgary

Calgary artist, Michelle Pocock, paints some of our favourite large abstract art. In her collection you’ll find a mix of pieces that are more colourful and vibrant while others are more minimal and neutral. All are equally stunning and create the perfect statement piece. Most sizes available range from 40×40 inches to 72×72 inches.

Picture Credit: Michelle Pocock

Christine Mey Studio

Christine’s paintings are perfect for your space if you’re looking for a relaxing and calming vibe. They’re really stunning and just looking at them makes us feel more relaxed. They’re all painted on canvas and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Picture from Christine Mey Studio

Andie Laf Designs

Andie Laf creates really detailed and unique watercolour paintings of pubs and other places from around the world. These original watercolour travel prints would make an incredible gift for travel lovers. The pub prints would be a unique gift for beer lovers

Picture Credit: Andie Laf Designs


Tay Odynski

Tay Odynski’s art is colourful, vibrant and has a really playful vibe. She definitely paints “by her own rules” and we absolutely love the outcome. Check out her website or visit her in person at Chroma Club (right across from Chinook Mall)

Shahen Jetha Fine Art

These minimal texture pieces by Shahen Jetha are absolutely incredible. Looking at them is like taking a big breath of fresh air. We truly love their calming presence and intricate nature.

Picture from Shahen Fine Art

Gary McMillan Fine Art

Gary McMillan is a talented artist creating gorgeous colourful landscape paintings. From mountains to sunsets to clouds, there are so many themes to choose from. 

Picture from McMillan Fine Art

Charlene Kolesnik

Charlene Kolesnik is a Calgary artist painting bright and colourful abstract mountain-inspired paintings. These paintings would look great in a cabin or cottage and are a perfect gift for mountain lovers.

Susan MacIntosh

Susan MacIntosh is another Calgary artist creating beautiful art. Her art is very nature inspired and we particularly love her floral paintings which would make a great gift for flower lovers. She also paints really adorable cat paintings. If you are or know a cat person, these would make an awesome gift for cat lovers.

Picture Credit: Susan MacIntosh

Lynda Black

Lynda Black is a Calgary artist creating original black and white abstract art. We love her unique geometric designs and quotes artwork.

Picture Credit: Lynda Black

Art By Emanna

Emanna creates paintings that are a modern and contemporary take on traditional landscape paintings. They’re gorgeous and really colourful. She has a mix of original paintings and high quality fine art print sets. 

Picture from Art By Emanna

Two By Raquel

We love these stunning nature inspired original watercolours from Two By Raquel. These paintings make great gift ideas and would be treasured for years to come. These mini paintings are a great way to get your art collection started.

Picture Credit: Two By Raquel

Chantal Spitgag Calgary Artist

Fun and vibrant florals and animal paintings, prints and stickers by Chantal Spitgag. If you love pops of colour, these pieces are for you. The burst of colourful flowers (shown below) is our favourite. 

Wee Rock Art

Donna, the artist behind Wee Rock Art, creates gorgeous framed art using stones, sea glass, driftwood and shells she collects herself. She uses her pebble art to tell powerful stories.

These Calgary artists are creating amazing and unique artwork. If you’re looking for a new painting or would like to give a thoughtful gift, supporting these YYC artists is a great choice.

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