Faith & Sparkle’s World

Business Name: Faith & Sparkle’s World

Based In: Toronto, ON

Products Include: Children’s books, kids empowerment products, parenting & educator workshops.

Learn more about Faith & Sparkle’s World in our interview below.

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Faith & Sparkle's World Toronto, ON

How would you describe your business?

Faith and Sparkle’s World is a confidence-building, empowered space that bridges educators, teachers and children. We sell inspiring children’s books to empower the children in your life. We have a mentorship program and host training workshops for educators and parents.

What inspired you to open your shop?

My daughter, Faith Abraham, founded Faith and Sparkle’s World at three years old. She wanted to share my message of kindness, compassion and empowerment. I, Delisa Abraham, am now a co-founder of Faith and Sparkle’s World, overseeing our workshops, mentorship and membership community.

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

The bestselling products are our workshops and coaching.

They’re the most popular because exhaustion, burnout, anxiety and overwhelm is a plague ready to stream-roll over each of us. We at Faith and Sparkle’s World understand the pain point, listen, research, and have experience in defeating these issues.

Some of their workshops include:

  • Cultivating Confidence In Your Classroom
  • Pregnancy To Parenting

We purchased Faith’s book, Superhero Faith, to give as a gift. It’s such a cute book, with a great message and the illustrations are beautiful. We definitely recommend it if you need a gift for the little kids in your life.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Faith & Sparkle’s World, a local Toronto business offering children’s books, empowerment products, education and parenting workshops and coaching.

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