Business Name: Iremia Skincare

Based In: Mississauga, ON

Learn more about Iremia Skincare in our interview below.

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Iremia Skincare Mississauga, ON

How would you describe your business?

Our business (Iremia Skincare) takes a slow approach, with a focus on quality over quantity. It speaks to what we put on our skin (less is more for sensitive skin), how we consume (being thoughtful about our purchases so we don’t create more waste), and moving through our day consciously (to manage stress as it is a huge contributing factor to rosacea flare-ups!). 

This slower approach lets us make the best choices when it comes to formulating our products. Since we have a minimalist product line, it means we can spend more time perfecting what goes into each jar and bottle. For example, our newest addition is the All-Calm Facial Mist, which took about about 2 years to perfect. We pour our heart and soul into each formula, which our customers fall in love with (not just pretty packaging). 

What inspired you to open your shop?

I have always had sensitive skin and found it very difficult to manage since my 20’s. Dealing with constant redness on my face, eczema and reacting to so many different products lead me down a path where I wanted to create a natural, effective and calming products for sensitive skin, without the need for an elaborate routine or system. 

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What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Our best selling product is the Soothing Lotion. 

The Soothing Lotion is so versatile and helps our customers with multiple concerns. It calms your skin while boosting hydration. We’ve also included an extract that is derived from the African mahogany tree bark and it targets pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It makes the product suitable for the under eye area, removing the need for an eye cream in your routine. It’s a heavy-lifting multitasker! 

What’s your favourite ‘can’t live without’ product from your shop?

I’m currently obsessing over our All-Calm Facial Mist, especially during the summer months when my skin is craving hydration. It was formulated to calm your skin immediately, but also boost hydration levels even more so than hyaluronic acid. I use it as my first step after cleansing, but also throughout the day for a beautiful glow. It’s a real stressed-skin saviour!

What’s your favourite local Mississauga business?

Dolled Up Cupcakes! They have great gluten and dairy free options 🙂

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