If you’re searching for the top Canadian pottery studios, you’re in luck. Over the years my obsession with finding unique pottery in Canada hasn’t slowed down. There’s something so special about finding a unique pottery piece for a wedding gift or to keep for yourself. I’m so excited to share some of my personal favourite Canadian pottery artists with you. Scroll down to check them out and thank you for supporting these local Canadian shops. 



Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

Alberta Pottery

Canadian Pottery: Heart & Hope Studio

Heart & Hope Studio is an incredible Canadian pottery studio and local Albert shop based in Spruce Grove. They make some of our favourite pottery mugs because of the uniqueness of their designs and the colour of their glazes. We really love the simplicity of the teal pottery mug shown below. That being said, they’ve also recently added some more intricate designs on their mountain inspired mugs. These mugs feature snowy mountain ranges and would make an incredible gift for mountain lovers.

Picture Credit: Heart & Hope Studio

Ruth Adams Canadian Pottery Studio

Imagine a beautifully handmade large ceramic pitcher sitting on your breakfast table with a matching bowl filled with fresh berries. Ruth Adams Studio, a local Alberta shop based in Medicine Hat, makes this possible with their modern grey glossy finish pottery. These pieces are the perfect addition to any dish set and make a great gift idea.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Ruth Adams Studio

British Columbia Pottery

Steph Takagi Ceramics

Steph Takagi Ceramics is a local British Columbia shop creating beauitful made in Canada pottery. Her nature and Japanese inspired ceramics are really gorgeous. We particularly like her patterned designs that include swirls, lines, or whimsical designs mixed with bright colours, like the mug shown below. She also creates mugs with intricate designs of animals such as a fox, bunny, fish and a snake. Stephanie uses strong, bold colours paired with whites and blacks to bring focus to each beautiful design. She offers free shipping on all orders within Canada.

Picture Credit: Steph Takagi Ceramics

My Lil Shop: Canadian Pottery

My Lil Shop, a local British Columbia shop based in Kamloops, hand makes beautiful pottery mugs and serving dishes. Using simple designs and neutral colours, these pieces of pottery will complement any home. You can feel the love for creating in each piece of pottery Lillie makes. We personally love the heart designs (shown below). If you live in Kamloops and want to pick up your order, you can save on shipping by using coupon code: local

Picture Credit: My Lil Shop

Ovo Ceramic Studio

Ovo Ceramic Studio is one of our favourite Canadian Etsy shops and the latest pottery piece we’ve purchased. Their mugs are sturdy and feel great in your hands. These pottery mugs feature a combination of muted colour with a pop of vibrant teals, blues, oranges and yellows which give these pieces the perfect balance of elegance and vibrance. Using different shapes of mugs along with etched designs and patterns really makes these pottery pieces stand out. They keep adding colours and new shapes to their shop so we might have to keep adding more to our own collection. Ovo Ceramic Studio is a local BC shop based in Nelson. The mug shown below is the one we purchased and really like!

Canadian Pottery: Log House Farm

Log House Farm is a local British Columbia business creating an array of made in Canada pottery items. Their pottery collection is unique in that it doesn’t only include mugs and bowls, it also has plant markers, spoon rests, ornaments, garlic graters and more. Their beautiful ornaments come in different shapes, colours, textures and designs. Their pottery spoon rests come in so many unique designs that we even included the starfish ones in our gifts for beach lovers. They also have cat shaped ones which we’ll definitely add to our gifts for cat lovers shopping guide.

With this incredible selection of handmade ceramic items you are sure to find what you are looking for your home or a unique gift idea. Whatever it is you are looking for Log House Farm likely has it and is always updating and adding new items.

Picture Credit: Loghouse Farm

Manitoba Pottery

Thistlewood Pottery Canada

Thistlewood Pottery is a local Manitoba shop based in Whitemouth. Cheryl, the owner of Thistlewood Pottery, found pottery later in life but once she did, she never looked back. Her pottery designs are gorgeous in many different colours and finishes such as matte black, glossy teal or speckled white. We’ve never seen the matte black glaze before and really like the unique modern look it gives. With mugs, wine cups, pottery spoons, serving dishes, mugs and more you can fill your cupboards with Cheryl’s beautiful Canadian pottery. She even offers the option to customize many of her pottery creations which make them a great housewarming, anniversary or wedding gift.

Picture Credit: Thistlewood

Canadian Pottery: Wildflower Colour & Clay

Another amazing Canadian pottery studio is Wildflower Colour & Clay, a local Manitoba shop based in Winkler. Using texture, colour, different shapes, designs and glaze to complete each mug or bowl, Jessica creates a simplistic yet impactful design with each of the pottery pieces she makes. We really love the porcelain ceramic mug shown below because of the modern design, texture and colour. 

Picture Credit: Wildflower Colour & Clay

Newfoundland Pottery

King’s Point Pottery Canada

King’s Point Pottery is a local Newfoundland shop based in King’s Point. It’s an incredible pottery studio and gift shop that features art and made in Canada products from over 300 artists and creatives. We love the moose platter we purchased from this Canadian pottery studio. It’s fits in perfectly with our moose themed decor at our cottage.

Nova Scotia Pottery

Kyms Pottery

Kyms Pottery is a local Nova Scotia shop based in Digby. Kym makes beautiful Canadian pottery and stoneware. In her collection, you’ll find large and small mugs, latte and cappuccino cups and bowls of every size perfect for cereal, ice cream, rice or ramen noodles or as serving or fruit bowls. The mixture of colours on each piece is exquisite and many are topped off with a beautiful glaze finish. If you’d like to know about Kym’s process and how she makes each item, you can read through her product descriptions for step by step information.

Picture Credit: Kyms Pottery

Bleu Marie Pottery: Canadian Pottery

Blue Marie Pottery makes such a wide array of of beautifully made in Canada household items. Items such as your typical mugs and bowls but also; coasters, beautiful electric blue utensil holders, house numbers, butter dishes in multiple colour options, little spice jars, dog bowls, potted planters and more. It’s incredible, you can have all of the functionality of everyday household items but with the beauty of Canadian made pottery.

Picture Credit: Bleu Marie Pottery

Ontario Canada Pottery

Canadian Pottery: Studio 648

Canadian pottery artist, Alicia, is the owner behind local Ontario business, Studio 648 Pottery. Her current pottery collection consists of handmade wheel thrown mugs. What we love most about her pottery are the glaze colours she uses. Some glazes are neutral while others are turquoise and bright blue like the mug shown below. It’s our absolute favourite!

Picture Credit: Studio 648 Pottery

Canadian Pottery Shop: Aleathabean

You can feel the joy and life in every piece of pottery Aleatha makes. Her pottery creations are beautiful, playful and fun and her collection includes mugs, cups, bowls, vases, candles and more. With creative designs (like cats or florals) etched in the bottom of the pottery, they’ll definitely bring a smile to your face every time you use them. Aleathabean is a Canadian pottery studio and local Ontario shop based in Brockville.

Picture Credit: Aleathabean

LN Pottery In Canada

‘Calming’ is one word we use to describe the Canadian pottery made by Lydia Nicholson. If you click to see her entire collection, you’ll know what we mean. Each piece is made with intention and the glazes used provoke a calming vibe. She even makes candles that come in a handmade pottery vessel.

LN Pottery is a local Ontario shop based in Brigden. If you happen to live in the area (it’s near Sarnia), you can save on shipping and pick up your order. Simply use coupon code: LOCAL at checkout.

Picture Credit: LN Pottery

Jacpot Pottery

We love the elongated shape of these mugs handcrafted by Jaci, the owner of local Kitchener ON shop Jacpot Pottery. These mugs are the perfect size for a large cup of coffee or steamy cup of tea. The delicate, hand carved detail on the mugs and planters gives an added depth to Jaci’s work. You can choose from beautiful peonies which would be a great gift for flower lovers, moons and stars, or a cat which would make an awesome gift for cat lovers

Picture Credit: Jacpot Pottery

Island Pottery Canada

Tim Alexander is the Canadian pottery artist behind Island Pottery, a local Thunder Bay shop. We own lots of pottery pieces by Tim including the two mugs you see below. We absolutely love the detail of these mugs and how they feel in our hands. Tim operates his pottery studio in Thunder Bay for part of the year and then works from his studio in Rossport, ON on Nicol Island (hence the name – Island Pottery) from May to October. You’re welcome to visit his pottery studio and shop in person if you’re in Rossport, ON along Lake Superior.

Meg Crow Pottery

Wow! The details, the colours, the finishes and the fact that Canadian potter, Meg, hand builds each mug and dish is incredible. Hand building definitely gives each piece depth and uniqueness. You are going to have a hard time choosing just a few pottery pieces from this shop.

The Palms Potter

Canadian pottery studio, The Palms Potter, is an Ontario shop based in North Bay and owned by pottery artist, April. The fun thing about April is she loves all styles of pottery so that is what she creates. You are bound to find something you love in her shop as she hand makes many household items in many different colours, textures, and finishes.

Quebec Pottery

Joceramique: Canadian Pottery Studio

The pottery pieces at Joceramique are more than just pottery they are truly pieces of art. With large and small mugs, espresso cups, bowls and more made with a mix of smooth and textured finishes. The unique element is many of the pieces have an abstract enamel decoration, making them look like art.

Joceramique is a local Quebec business based in Saint-Eustache.

Picture Credit: Joceramique

Ophelia Ceramique

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or cuddle up with hot tea in a beautiful mug from Ophelia Ceramique. They’re handmade with soft colours, a speckled and glossy finish with a unique round handles. 

Picture Credit: Ophelia Ceramique

La Chic Grano

Canadian pottery studio, La Chic Grano, creates one of a kind pottery pieces. Whether you’re looking for mugs, bowls, handmade ceramic candles, cheese or charcuterie boards or a beautiful butter dish, they have it all. France from La Chic Grano puts their passion and creativity into each piece they create. La Chic Grano is a local Quebec shop based in Boucherville.

Picture Credit: La Chic Grano

Saskatchewan Pottery

Penny Lane Pottery

Penny Lane Pottery is a Canadian pottery studio and local Saskatchewan business based in Prince Albert. With over 20 years of experience making pottery and having a love for pottery for even longer, you can feel the love and talent in each mug and wine tumbler Vicki makes. Making unique shapes and sizes of mugs and cups with an array of neutral and vibrant colours and combinations, you’ll definitely find the perfect pottery piece to compliment your home or as a gift idea for someone special. Vicki also offers free shipping on all of her listings.

Picture Credit: Penny Lane Pottery

Canadian Pottery Studio: Scattered Fingers

Beautiful stone wear cups, mugs and bowls with incredible colour combinations and configurations. Swirls of blues and greens, pinks and blues, black purple and blue and so many more. Creating a sense of wonder a beauty each time you look at your piece of pottery. But our favourite pieces from local Saskatchewan shop, Scattered Fingers, have to be the custom porcelain cats. Tiny, intricate pet portraits of your cat with their colouring marks. They are so cute!

Picture Credit: Scattered Fingers

Susan Robertson Pottery

Susan Robertson Pottery is a local Saskatchewan shop based in Broderick. Susan has been making pottery since 1983 so she definitely knows a thing or two about what makes great pottery! We have a few of her loon pieces (our loon platter is shown below) in our cottage and really love them. She has lots of pieces to choose from like teapots, cream & sugar sets, mugs, and more. We love gifting these platters for wedding gifts or as housewarming gifts.

You can shop in person at:

  • 1 Kylee Place, Broderick Saskatchewan

These Canadian pottery studios are definitely some of my top picks when it comes to pottery in Canada. I’ll continue to update this list as my Canadian pottery collection grows. Your support of these Canadian shops means so much. Thank you for shopping local.

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