Crystals for Beginners Book

comprehensive and informative

Are you looking to learn about crystals and desire the information in one place? Look no further!

The world of crystals can be a big one but I am here to make it simple, break it down and give you the most practical and no BS approach to learning.

How do you know where to start? What crystals should you buy first? Do crystals EVEN work?


Crystals for Beginners includes:

  • All the basics leaving your questions answered
    Different cleansing methods to do at home
  • Customized crystal suggestions for different themes such as love, money, stress
  • Insider Tips: crystals to avoid water and crystals to avoid sunlight
  • Over 50+ crystal reference guide outline their meanings, associated chakras, zodiac signs and so much more!

Crystal for Beginners is the most concise and fun book you’ll find about crystals. You’ll likely giggle and have many ah-ha moments as you read, leaving you excited to make your next crystal purchase.