London Ontario Jewellery Stores

If you’re looking for London Ontario jewellery stores, we’re going to introduce you to some awesome ones below. Whether you’re looking for engagement rings, everyday sterling silver jewellery or statement earrings, there’s a shop for you. Happy Shopping!


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London Jewellery Inc.

If you’re looking for vintage and estate jewellery, London Jewellery Inc is a must-see. Their collection of vintage jewellery is incredible. They have everything from vintage engagement rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and more. 

Picture Credit: London Jewellery Inc.

ESHQ Rock: London Jewellery Store

ESHQ Rock offers the most beautifully unique jewelry seeped in Indian culture and tradition. Each piece of jewelry is designed in Canada and ethically made in India as a way to preserve Indian culture and jewellery making techniques. These are more than just pieces of jewelry, each piece is rooted in meaning and thoroughly thought through. One of our favourite pieces from this London Ontario jewellery store is the hand painted ring that features four rubies shown below. 

Picture Credit: ESHQ Rock

Andrea Plesko Jewellery In London, ON

Andrea Plesko makes the the most beautiful made in Canada clay earrings. With simple, trendy designs and a strong attention to detail, you’ll find the perfect pair for you or someone special to you. This London jewelry store also has earrings perfect for the holidays like festive Santas, the Grinch, poinsettia, or bows. They also have bats for Halloween, or apple earrings which would make a great gift for teachers

Picture Credit: Andrea Plesko

Two Bees

Picture Credit: Two Bees

Nutty Gals

Nutty Gals has a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, and rings to choose from. This London Ontario jewelry store uses high quality gemstones, crystals and stones to create unique and beautiful pieces of jewellery. These handmade pieces of jewellery are filled with positive energy from the maker.

Picture Credit: Nutty Gals

Lotus Blossom Jewels

Lotus Blossom Jewels creates gorgeous mala meditation necklaces. Simply choose the gemstone that best aligns with what your focus is. Mala necklaces are typically used during meditations but many people use these beautiful necklaces as an every day necklace and as a constant reminder of how you are wanting to feel, act and stay centred throughout your day. These necklaces would make a great gift for yoga lovers.

Picture Credit: Lotus Blossom Jewels

Godstone Studio

Christina, the maker behind Godstone Studio, takes immense pride in the jewellery she makes and it shows through her beautiful designs. She offers elegant stud earrings, necklaces and rings that use crystals, pearls and sterling silver charms. She also makes modern, wood and resin, geometric shaped earrings that are sure to draw some amazing compliments and “where did you get those?” statements.

Picture Credit: Godstone Studio

Gordon’s Gold: London Jewellery Store

You know a jewelry store can be trusted when they have been in business for over 30 years. When you visit Gordon’s Gold you’ll know why. Their welcoming atmosphere and knowledge of their products is like no other. You will be wowed by the beautiful and sophisticated selection of jewelry and they’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • 760 Hyde Park Rd London, ON

Nash Jewellers

Nash Jewellers offers fine jewellery including engagement rings, wedding bands and watches.

  • 655 Wonderland Rd N London, ON 

Vanraay London Jewellery

Vanraay offers gorgeous handmade engagement rings, women and men’s wedding bands, everyday rings and minimalist jewelry. All jewellery is made by Miranda, a formally trained Goldsmith. One of our favourites is the hammered white gold moissanite engagement ring (shown below). It’s minimalist in design but still makes an impact.

Picture Credit: Vanraay

These local London Ontario jewellery stores are great options for finding the perfect piece of jewellery while also supporting a local London business.