Best Men’s Wedding Bands In Canada

If you’re on the hunt for men’s wedding bands in Canada, we’ve handpicked rings and businesses for you to check out below. We’re so impressed with the incredible selection of amazing wedding bands for men available right here in Canada. I also share the wedding band my husband chose to buy. You can click on your province in the Table Of Contents or scroll through the entire list. 


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!


Before we get started with the full list of where to shop for men’s wedding bands in Canada, I want to share the one my husband purchased and has been really happy with. He bought the hammered black tungsten wedding band shown below. It’s from local Toronto shop, Steven G Designs.


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Alberta Men's Wedding Bands

Badland Creations

Badland Creations is a local Alberta shop based in Three Hills. They offer really unique and high quality men’s wedding bands made in Canada using materials like stainless steel, titanium and wood.

Engaged Jewelry Wedding Bands

Engaged Jewelry is a local Calgary business creating men’s wedding bands in sterling silver and gold. We really love their 14k matte gold wedding bands. They also come in hammered finish and bark texture.

Picture Credit: Engaged Jewelry

Men’s Wedding Bands: A Second Time

Local Calgary Jewellery store, A Second Time, has a unique collection of men’s wedding bands. They have some that are smooth, others have vertical hammered texture and our favourite is the traditional hammered style shown below.

Picture Credit: A Second Time

Sigma Rings

Local Calgary shop, Sigma Rings, creates tungsten and carbon fiber affordable wedding bands.

British Columbia Men's Wedding Bands

Mikel Grant Jewellery

Mikel Grant Jewellery is a local British Columbia shop based in Sechelt. They create beautiful made in Canada custom and made to order men’s wedding bands along with a variety of other jewellery. 

North Tokens

North Tokens is a local Vancouver shop creating men’s wedding bands. Their wedding bands are made with tungsten, wood, turquoise and opal inlays. We really love this black tungsten band with a wood inlay. This ring is definitely on my husbands list to purchase if he ever loses his wedding band.

Picture Credit: North Tokens

Manitoba Men's Wedding Bands

Origin Handcrafted: Men’s Wedding Bands

Origin Handcrafted is a local Manitoba shop based in Stonewall. They create made in Canada men’s wedding bands using wood, antler and carbon fiber.

Picture from Origin HG

New Brunswick Men's Wedding Bands

Oddwood Design

Another shop creating men’s wedding bands in Canada is Oddwood Design. Shawn Beatty, the owner and designer, creates really unique made in Canada handcrafted bentwood and damascus wedding bands. Some of their wedding bands also include really unique inlays like turquoise, lapis lazuli or red opal. Some even have picture identifiers on the inside of the ring which is really distinctive. Oddwood Design is a local New Brunswick shop based in Petit-Rocher.

Picture Credit: Oddwood Design

Nova Scotia Men's Wedding Bands

Gentlemen’s Junction

Men’s wedding bands from local Nova Scotia business, Gentlemen’s Junction, are all very unique tungsten bands. Their collection of bands is vast and their bands have more of a upscale look compared to the rugged wedding bands we’ve featured so far. 

Picture from Gentlemen's Junction

Ontario Men's Wedding Bands

Steven G Designs

As mentioned above, Steven G Designs is the local Toronto shop where my husband purchased his wedding band. He’s been really happy with his wedding band. It’s incredibly durable and still looks brand new after wearing it for a few years. We both really recommend this shop. They have a variety of men’s wedding bands to choose from and some bands even have a mountain or forest theme.

Picture Credit: Steven G

DR Rings: Men’s Wedding Bands

DR Rings is a local Ottawa jewellery store creating made in Canada men’s wedding bands. Some of their rings are made with tungsten while others are handcrafted with deer antler or wood. They have a variety of styles to choose from.

Picture Credit: DR Rings

Bobbi’s Jeweller

Bobbi’s Jeweller creates one-of-a-kind wedding bands that are all made in Canada using ethically sourced materials. Bobbi’s Jeweller is a local Ontario shop based in Owen Sound.

Prince Edward Island Wedding Bands

Gaddess Designs

Local Prince Edward Island shop, Gaddess Designs, offers a really unique option for men’s wedding bands with their beach sand inlay rings. If you have a special beach in your life or maybe you’re getting married on the beach, simply send some sand to this PEI shop and they’ll create a really personal wedding band. They also create memorial cremation rings which make really special memorial gifts.

Picture Credit: Gaddess Designs

Quebec Men's Wedding Bands

The Steel Shop Men’s Wedding Bands

The Steel Shop is a local Montreal jewellery store that has a small collection of men’s wedding bands to choose from. We really love the stainless steel bands shown below. These wedding bands come in black, gold, silver, and rose gold and you also have the option to engrave them.

Picture from The Steel Shop

Alexis Treasury

Another Montreal jewellery store creating men’s wedding bands is Alexis Treasury. They have so many bands to choose from in different widths and styles. Their made in Canada wedding bands are definitely more modern and fashionable rather than rugged and durable looking. We really like this brushed metal wedding band shown below.

Picture Credit: Alexis Treasury

Saskatchewan Men's Wedding Bands

GMG Jewellers

Local Saskatoon jewellery store, GMG Jewellers, has a collection of solid gold men’s wedding bands from brands around the world. 

Visit them in person at:

  • 1 – 105 21st St East, Saskatoon, SK

Yukon Men's Wedding Bands


Murdoch’s is a local Yukon shop based in Whitehorse. They have been serving Yukon residents with handcrafted jewellery since 1940. If you’re looking for a men’s wedding band in Yukon, Canada be sure to check them out.

Visit them in person at:

  • 207 Main Street, Whitehorse Yukon

These are some of the best men’s wedding bands in Canada. All of these Canadian businesses take pride in creating high quality wedding bands. There is so much variety that you’ll definitely be able to find one that perfectly suits your style and budget. We’ll keep updating this list as we discover more wedding bands.

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