Velour Clothing Exchange

We absolutely love seeing mothers and daughters come together to build businesses like Myra and Michelle from Velour Clothing Exchange, a buy/sell/trade clothing store based in Calgary AB. We asked this mother-daughter business duo some questions about their business partnership, what it’s really like working together as a mother-daughter business and any tips they have for up and coming mother-daughter duos. Enjoy!

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How did your business come together? Share a bit about your start in business.

    • We began as a small pop up, formally called The Front Porch (named because we had the majority of our pop ups right on the front porch of our house). As we began to grow and do more pop ups around the city and at Market Collective, we decided it was time to make it official and open a brick + mortar store front, which is when we rebranded to Velour Clothing Exchange.

Why did you decide to work together?

    • Clothing and thrifting in particular has always been something we’ve enjoyed doing together. We love excitedly sharing our finds with one another. So, it was a natural progression to create a business that we were both passionate about and could have fun doing together.

What’s one thing that contributes to your success as a Mother-Daughter duo?

    • Our shared enthusiasm for vintage and second hand clothing. 

What’s your favourite moment working together so far?

    • Weekly we go into the shop together to sort through our drop offs and have a meeting. This weekly routine is so important to the integrity of our business but also our mother-daughter relationship. It’s a time that allows us to come up with new strategies, brainstorm, and laugh together. It solidifies our relationship as mother-daughter and business partners. 

What advice do you have for other Mother-Daughter business partners? Is this something you would recommend?

    • We get this question often and it’s difficult to answer. Each relationship is unique and has its own strengths and difficulties so it’s hard to simply recommend if it would work for other mother-daughters. But for us, it has taken lots of work, patients, and love to have a healthy relationship in and out of the business.  

Mother – Share your favourite thing about working with your daughter:

    • I love her creativity and problem solving skills, social media savvy and openness to trying new things.

Daughter – Share your favourite thing about working with your Mother:

    • I love seeing my Mom interact with customers. We laugh that she’s not just my Mom but the Mom of our community. She’s so great with customers and fosters real, loving relationships with people who come through the store. It’s wonderful to see. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know this amazing mother-daughter business duo behind Velour Clothing Exchange.  

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