Calgary Pottery Classes

Check out these Calgary pottery classes if you’ve been wanting to get more creative this year and want to give pottery a try. If you want some inspiration or to grab a gift, check out these Calgary pottery makers.


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Mud Urban Potters

Discover Mud Urban Potters, a vibrant community dedicated to the art of ceramics. Located in a converted industrial warehouse south of Inglewood, the studio provides a bright and inviting space for Calgary pottery classes and practice.

With spacious teaching areas and a supportive atmosphere, Mud Urban Potters welcome individuals of all skill levels to explore the world of clay. No matter your level of experience with clay, this studio is the perfect place to nurture your pottery practice.

Workshop Studios

Embark on your pottery journey with Workshop Studios’ wheel-throwing and hand-building classes, designed to nurture your skills and ignite your creativity. These workshops take place in the studio’s newly developed, spacious studio, providing ample room for creativity to flourish.

Each of Workshop Studios’ regular ceramic classes spans two hours per week, with the final class, known as the glaze day, extending to three hours. This extended session allows for an in-depth exploration of glazing techniques and the finishing touches on your pottery creations. With helpful hands by your side and the extended last class, you will be excited to take home your new pottery creation.

Fairview Studios

If you’re looking for exceptional Calgary pottery classes, look no further than Fairview Studios. This recreational pottery studio offers year-round adult classes that provide a fantastic opportunity to explore the art of ceramics. With a focus on creating a relaxed atmosphere for students to unleash their creativity, Fairview Studios ensures a welcoming environment where inspiration thrives.

One of the standout features of Fairview Studios is the inclusion of studio time in their class fees, allowing students to refine their skills and work on independent projects. With easy make-up options for missed classes, attending Fairview Studios’ pottery classes is both convenient and flexible.

The Potter’s House By Rylee

Step into the world of The Potter’s House by Rylee, a one-of-a-kind fully functional studio and gift shop located in Airdrie, just outside of Calgary. Founded by Rylee Petkau in 2011, this charming pottery haven began as a small studio driven by a passion for pottery. Over the years, The Potter’s House has evolved into a thriving creative space where art, nature, and the joy of pottery intersect.

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of The Potter’s House, where art and nature blend seamlessly. Discover the beauty of pottery, unleash your creativity, and experience the satisfaction of crafting functional art pieces. Join Rylee and The Potter’s House community for a truly unique and inspiring pottery experience.

Oak & Bryant

Oak & Bryant is a creative haven with Calgary pottery classes where individuals and groups can delve into the world of ceramics through engaging hand-building classes. Whether someone is a beginner or has prior experience, Oak & Bryant offers classes suitable for various skill levels, providing a platform for learning, experimentation, and personal growth.

Joining one of Oak & Bryant’s classes offers the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Individuals can unleash their inner artists, learn new techniques, and create stunning ceramic pieces that reflect their unique style.

These Calgary pottery classes will help you learn pottery basics so you can decide if you want to pursue it further. In the meantime, check out this Calgary pottery for some great gift ideas.

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