Best Canadian Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for the best Canadian subscription boxes that are actually from Canadian businesses, we’ve got you covered. These subscription boxes combine the convenience of online shopping, the thrill of having packages show up on your door step AND supporting a local Canadian business. Not only are subscription boxes the best way to test out new products and enjoy some ‘happy mail’, they’re also a great way to support multiple Canadian businesses all at once. We especially love that part and we imagine if you’re reading this, that’s important to you too. Happy Shopping!


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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We’ve rounded up a list of the best Canadian subscription boxes with all the details to help you pick the right one for you or to send as a gift. There’s truly one for everyone (including your pets!), we promise. 

Acre75 Gathered

  • For: The ultimate Canadian small town lover. Whether you grew up in a small town, currently live in a small town or simply love the small town charm, this is the box for you. 
  • Includes: Hand crafted gifts and goods from makers who live in small towns across Canada. Includes household items, bath & body products, gourmet food products and more!
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Milverton, ON
  • Cost: $69.95 per box

You can learn more about this subscription box in our Acre75 Inc. interview.

Cozy Home Crate

  • For: Anyone who loves to decorate their home in the most aesthetically pleasing way and enjoys decorating for the seasons
  • Includes: Beautiful and on-trend home decor and accessories
  • Delivers: Seasonal (4 boxes per year)
  • Cost: Approximately $127 every 3 months
Picture Credit: Cozy Home Crate

The Gift Refinery

  • For: The luxe lady looking for the best in artisanal beauty, health and home products.
  • Includes: 7-10 full size products from favoured Canadian artisanal brands. Luxury lifestyle products ranging from beauty products such as makeup, skincare & haircare to jewellery, stationery, wellness, pantry items, housewares and more. Delivering over $200CAD in value in each box.
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Cost: Starting at $99.95 per box

The Local Box Co.

  • For: Women who love shopping local and supporting Canadian businesses.
  • Includes: Includes a mix of 5-8 products from Canadian businesses. Some examples include bath & body products, clothing, drink ware, treats, jewellery, home decor and stationery products.
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Cambridge, ON

Little Smoky Gift Co.

  • For: Local lovers –  anyone who loves discovering new products from local businesses across Canada or wants to give a truly unique gift.
  • Includes: An assortment of decor, home products, accessories, and personal care items
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Valleyview, AB
  • Cost: Starting at $75 per box

Hygge In A Box

  • For: Anyone looking to take a break from the stresses of everyday life, slow down and enjoy some mindful moments of self-care.
  • Includes: Premium products for the mind, body, soul, and home from other Canadian businesses.
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Winnipeg, MB
  • Cost: Starting at $74.99  per box

The Little Shop Subscription Box

  • For: Anyone looking to shop small and support local while discovering amazing new items from Canadian artisans and small businesses.
  • Includes: 5-6 full-sized items from small businesses across Canada such as jewelry, accessories, decor, personal care items, and more
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Pomquet, NS
  • Cost: Starting at $89.99 per box

Nature’s Wellness Box

  • For: The health-conscious woman, that loves natural cosmetics and products free from harsh chemicals. 
  • Includes:  5-6 full size, natural, vegan and cruelty-free skincare, aromatherapy and household products
  • Delivers: Monthly, Bi-Monthly or Seasonal
  • Based In: Toronto, ON
  • Cost: $44.99+ per box


Twisted Goat Coffee Subscription

  • For: Coffee lovers who want to enjoy an array of fresh coffee beans from around the world and support Canadian coffee brands
  • Includes: Espresso or freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Delivers: Every one, two or three months
  • Based In: Kamloops, BC
  • Cost: Starts at $45.50

Sweetgrass Coffee Subscription Canada

  • For: Anyone who likes to try out different freshly roasted coffee beans
  • Includes: Fresh roasted coffee beans
  • Delivers: Monthly for 3, 6 or 12 months
  • Based In: Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Cost: Starts at $45 for 3 month subscription
Picture Credit: Sweetgrass Coffee



  • For: High quality loose leaf tea lovers
  • Includes: You can choose between a variety loose leaf tea box, all black tea or all herbal teas
  • Delivers: Monthly but can be purchased in 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions
  • Cost: Starts $18.71 for a one month subscription with free shipping

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Firebelly Canadian Tea Subscription Box

  • For: Loose leaf tea lovers who care about having natural flavours & appreciate that the tea comes in a compostable bag
  • Includes: You get to choose what’s in your order
  • Delivers: Monthly but you can delay your order whenever you’d like
  • Cost: It depends on what you choose to include in your order but you save 15% on your first order and your savings continue to increase so that by your 4th order, you’re saving 25%. On your 5th order, they’ll include a special gift.

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Picture Credit: Firebelly Tea

T Surprise Monthly Tea Subscription

  • For: Anyone who loves tea and wants to drink tea from around the world.
  • Includes: Four different kinds of tea that can make 25-30 cups of tea per month, a tasty treat and a tea accessory
  • Delivers: Monthly but can be purchased in 3, 6 or 12 month one-time payments as well
  • Cost: Starts at $28 per box with free shipping

This tea subscription box would make a great gift for tea lovers.


Designer Blooms Canada

  • For: Anyone who loves having fresh flower bouquets in their home and lives in British Columbia or Alberta
  • Includes: A fresh flower bouquet arranged by the Designer Blooms floral team
  • Delivers: Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
  • Based In: British Columbia

Flower & Vegetable Seed Subscription

  • For: Anyone who has a garden or loves planting flowers & vegetables
  • Includes: A new pack of flower or vegetable seeds delivered every month
  • Delivers: Monthly
  • Based In: Calgary, AB
Picture Credit: Circle Farms


La Boite À Bonbons

  • For: This candy subscription box is for true candy lovers who want fresh, high quality candy in unique flavours.
  • Includes: 4 bags of fresh candy with different flavours every month
  • Delivers: Monthly but there are 3, 6 or 12 month options available
  • Based In: Montreal, QC
  • Cost: Start at $30.99 per box

Oh!So Sweet Candy Box

  • For: Anyone who loves trying unique new candies and traditional favourites
  • Includes: Includes up to 12 candies or snacks in every box
  • Delivers: Monthly but there are 3 months subscriptions available
  • Based In: Alliston, Ontario
  • Cost: Start at $29.95 for one month and price goes down if you order for 3 months


Papa Earth Free Range Meat Subscription

  • For: Anyone looking for high quality free range meats without any added hormones or antibiotics sourced directly from local Canadian farmers. They only work with farms who value ethical and sustainable farming.
  • Includes: You can choose what meat you’d like to receive every month by using their very user-friendly online ordering system. Just follow the steps! We found it very easy to use compared to others we’ve tried.
  • Delivers: Every 2, 3, 4 or 6 weeks.
  • Cost: Small box starts at $135 with free shipping on all boxes in Ontario & Quebec.

Papa Earth, a family-owned business, is our top choice for Canadian meat subscription boxes.

truLOCAL Meat Subscription

  • For: Anyone looking for high quality meats sourced directly from local farmers and delivered right to your door. They also have lasagna, fish and a huge variety of meats.
  • Includes: You can completely personalize your order. They have the option to order one of their curated boxes or you can mix and match.
  • Delivers: Depends on your needs but they recommend starting with a monthly box. You can check on their website if they deliver to your postal code.
  • They offer free shipping on all meat subscription boxes.


Paris Letters Subscription

This isn’t a typical book subscription but a unique twist on storytelling that any book lover would love. Janice MacLeod has turned her books into letters that she mails directly to you. These letters also include copies of her beautiful artwork. 

  • For: Anyone who loves a story, Paris and receiving actual letter mail.
  • Delivers: Weekly or monthly
  • Based In: Port Dover, Ontario
  • Cost: Approximately $135 for all twelve months with free shipping
Picture Credit: Janice MacLeod Studio

Shadow & Spice Book Subscription

Choose from a number of genres for this book subscription box. Some of the themes include ‘craft and mystery book’,  romance book box, horror book box and a few others. Each box includes a brand new book or collection of books and a curated selection of other little gifts.

Picture Credit: Shadow & Spice

CRAFT & DIY Subscription Boxes

Our Little Makery

  • For: Home decor lovers and crafters that enjoy being able to complete a project from start to finish in one sitting.
  • Includes: All paint and supplies needed to complete each project
  • Delivers: Monthly
  • Based In: Strathmore, AB
  • Cost: $40 per box


Let’s Go Eco

  • For: Those that are looking to start living a greener lifestyle and discover sustainable alternatives to everyday products from small businesses across Canada.
  • Includes: 7-10 eco-friendly household, food, and personal care items 
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Toronto, ON
  • Cost: Starting at $89.95 per box

Essentials Eco

  • For: Those looking to start their sustainability journey and begin introducing safe, clean, eco-friendly products into their home and daily routine.
  • Includes: 5-7 sustainable swaps ranging from low toxic cleaning to beauty products all made by North American companies
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: North Vancouver, BC
  • Cost: Starting at $65 per box


Canada’s Baking Box

  • For: New and experienced bakers that want an easy way to learn and try a delicious new recipe each month.
  • Includes: Pre-measured non-perishable ingredients, professional tool, recipe card, plus a shopping list of refrigerated ingredients (if any)
  • Delivers: Monthly
  • Based In: Toronto, ON
  • Cost: $33.75 per box

CucinaKids Cooking Subscription


Sweet Peas Baby Box

  • For: New parents or parents with children under 3 that want to support Canadian businesses and artisans while discovering fun and useful products.
  • Includes: An assortment of items for mom and baby, ranging from clothing to decor to books and more
  • Delivers: Seasonal
  • Based In: Burlington, ON
  • Cost: Starting at $99 per box

The Baby Mama Box

  • For: Mamas with babies! These customizable boxes provide treasures for mom and baby! Brands you can trust, and items you can really make use of. Its function and fun all in one box.
  • Includes: Carefully selected and Mama tested products for you and your little one. You can select boxes based on your baby’s needs, age and gender (including neutral options).
  • Delivers: Custom
  • Cost: Starting at $50 per box


Jaybee Design

  • For: The stationery obsessed. This little box of sunshine will brighten each month with cheerful designs and items to help keep you organized. 
  • Includes: Items such as greeting cards, enamel pins, notepads, and other stationery items
  • Delivers: Monthly
  • Based In: Calgary, AB
  • Cost: Starting at $20 per box

Little May Papery

  • For: Anyone who doesn’t want to run out of cards to give & who appreciates adorable illustrated designs
  • Includes: Cute illustrated greeting cards with a different theme every month
  • Delivers: Monthly
  • Based In: Calgary, AB
  • Cost: $19 per box or $57/3 months
Picture Credit: Little May Papery


moJJa Sock Subscription

  • For: Anyone who loves fun, fashionable and unique socks
  • Includes: One pair of crew or knee high socks
  • Delivers: Monthly and available in 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions
  • Cost: Starting at $14/month with 3 month subscriptions. The price reduces if you order longer subscriptions.

There you have it! A subscription box for any and all. Hopefully this round up of Canadian subscription boxes helped you find a new box to treat yourself with or give as a gift all while supporting a local Canadian business. We’ll continue to update this list as we discover new Canadian subscription boxes so make sure you save and pin it!

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