There’s truly nothing better than starting your day with pancakes drizzled with delicious Canadian maple syrup. If you’re on the hunt for some yummy maple syrup in Canada, we’re excited to share some with you in this shopping guide. Whether you’re looking for a great Canadian souvenir, maple syrup candy, gift baskets or even unique wedding favours, these Canadian maple syrup companies have got you covered.


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Canadian Maple Syrup: Cosman & Webb Townships Organic

Cosman & Webb Townships Organic is a Canadian maple syrup brand and local Quebec shop. Their maple syrup is certified organic by EcoCert Canada and is available in 250ml, 375ml, 500ml or 1L bottle, depending on your needs. They also have maple syrup sugar as well as Canadian rye barrel aged maple syrup. 

Picture Credit: Cosman & Webb

Sève de Mars

Sève de Mars is a local Quebec business that creates barrel aged bourbon, rum, and rye maple syrup. Each of their syrups has had time to slowly mature and take on the flavours from the barrels which results in really unique and high quality flavours. They offer the option to test all three flavours in their discovery box or you can purchase each flavour individually. Sève de Mars is also committed to reducing their impact on the environment by donating a portion of their proceeds to the 1% for the planet initiative. They also support a circular supply chain as their barrels are re-purposed by another business when they are done with them which drastically reduces the waste they produce.

Forestry Farm

If you’re looking for the perfect Canadian souvenir or unique wedding favours, check out maple syrup company Forestry Farm. This local Quebec shop offers their pure maple syrup in really beautiful glass bottles and they offer bulk discounts so these are perfect for events or weddings. They also have their maple syrup available in the iconic Canadian can.

Picture Credit: Forestry Farm

Thompsontown Maple

Thompsontown Maple is another awesome maple syrup producer and local Ontario shop based in Clayton. Their pure Ontario maple syrup and other maple themed products like butters, spices and candies are all made on their family run farm.

The Reserve Maple

The Reserve Maple is a local Ontario shop that’s producing maple syrup on their family farm. They have three sizes of maple syrup bottles to choose from including a small 250ml to a 2 Litre bottle. The smaller bottles are perfect for a stocking stuffer or little Canadian souvenirs.

Picture Credit: The Reserve Maple

Arva Flour Mill Store

The Arva Flour Mill is an incredible local Ontario shop that has been in business since 1819. Yes, that’s over 200+ years! Not only do they create made in Canada artisan flour, they also have a shop and online store that sells organic and locally sourced products, including maple syrup.

Picture Credit: Arva Flour Mill

Beaver Valley Maple

Beaver Valley Maple is a Canadian maple syrup company and local Ontario business based in Beaver Valley. Their made in Canada maple syrup is 100% certified organic and their production practices are heavily focused on sustainability and reducing their ecological footprint. 

Wabanaki Maple

Wabanaki Maple is a local New Brunswick business and Indigenous-owned Canadian business that has a unique take on traditional maple syrup. Most of their maple syrup is aged in whisky or rum barrels with a few other flavours available.

Canadian Organic Maple Co.

Another local New Brunswick shop and maple syrup producer is Canadian Organic Maple Co. This family owned and operated business creates certified organic maple syrup and sells it by the case. This is a great way to stock up on maple syrup or grab some gifts.

There are some really incredible Canadian maple syrup companies to choose from. Thank you for supporting these local Canadian businesses. If you’re looking to try some new recipes, we found this great maple syrup recipe resource.

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