Wedding favours are a great way to show your guests how much you appreciate them joining you on your special day. They’re also a great opportunity to add to the vibe of your wedding day. You can choose between different colour palettes, add a playful and fun element or really showcase the personalities of the couple. Some favours are also a great way for your guests to look back on your wedding and remember all the fun they had. We’re excited to share our top picks for unique wedding favours from Canadian businesses.


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Coffee Wedding Favours

The Paper Shoppe is a local Ontario business based in Cambridge that creates a variety of custom labels that feature your wedding date, the couples name and a cute quote that corresponds to the wedding favour. We personally love the coffee favour bags shown below. These bags come empty but ready for you to fill them with your favourite Canadian coffee. Or you can buy coffee beans in bulk for a really budget friendly wedding favour option.

Picture Credit: The Paper Shoppe

Hot Sauce Canadian Wedding Favours

Spice Of Life is a Canadian hot sauce brand and local Ontario business based in Markham. They create made in Canada hot sauces using all natural ingredients from their own local farms. They offer the option to have a personalized label put on their mini hot sauce bottles for a unique wedding favour.

Picture Credit: Spice Of Life

Lollipop Wedding Favours

Sliced Ginger Sweets is a local Toronto business that creates made in Canada all natural lollipops with really beautiful flowers inside (yes, you can eat them!). These lollipops definitely make a very unique wedding favour and would be perfect for an outdoor or nature inspired wedding. 

Picture Credit: Sliced Ginger

Chocolate Wedding Favours

AE creative designs is a local Halifax Nova Scotia business that has a variety of wedding favours to choose from. We really like their custom chocolate favours that include your initials and wedding date. You get to choose from a variety of designs, depending on the style of your wedding.

Picture Credit: AE Creative Designs

Soap Wedding Favours

Another really useful and practical wedding favour is from Botany Barn, a local Ontario shop based in Kincardine. They’ve put together mini soap bars that feature a custom label with your names and wedding date. These soap bars are made in Canada with all natural, organic ingredients. 

Picture Credit: Botany Barn

Popcorn Wedding Favours Canada

Bespoke By Blush is a local Ontario business based in Barrie that creates custom labels for events & weddings. They have a number of labels and bags that are great for wedding favours if you would like to fill the bag with your own items. They have some that are meant for your favourite candy, coffee, cookie, and our personal favourite – popcorn bags. The custom labels that come with these bags say ‘thanks for popping by’. These are a great way to cut down on cost but still have a customized wedding favour.

Picture Credit: Bespoke By Blush

Flower Candle Favours

Lit Light Candles is a Canadian candle company & local Ontario shop based in Chatham. They have really cute small flower daisy candles on sticks that make really unique wedding favours. You can choose from a variety of different colours to completely match your wedding colour palette. These candles are made from all natural soy wax and beeswax. They also makes really beautiful dough bowl candles.

Picture Credit: Lit Light Candles

Maple Syrup Favors

Forestry Farm is a Canadian maple syrup company based in Quebec. They have the option to purchase their maple syrup in small leaf shaped bottles or round bottles (shown below). They’re perfect for a unique Canadian themed wedding favour.

Picture Credit: Forestry Farm

Flower Seeds Wedding Favor

Love & Ash is a Canadian business that specializes in creating wildflower seeds and tea wedding favours. They have a number of designs to choose from that are custom with your name and wedding date. Many of The wildflower seed packets say let love grow and feature a pretty floral arrangement in different colour pallets. These seed packets are unique way for your family and friends to remember your special day.

Picture Credit: Love & Ash

Tea Bag Wedding Favor

Another favour option from Love & Ash are their tea bag favours. These include a little custom envelope that says ‘love is brewing’ with your name and date of your wedding and include an Earl grey tea bag.

Picture Credit: Love & Ash

Candy Bag Favours

Kind Bloom Design is a local Victoria BC business that also has a variety of bags and labels available for you to DIY your wedding favours. They have cute little bags for you to add your own candy. These bags say ‘thank you for celebrating with us’. 

Picture Credit: Kind Bloom Design

Sparkler Favours

Another option from Kind Bloom Design are their custom sparkler tags. With this option you would simply buy the sparklers and add the custom tags to them that say “let sparks fly” with your name and wedding date. This is definitely another budget friendly wedding favour option. We’ve also seen some couples have everyone light their sparkler after dinner for a fun activity and unique photo opportunity.

Picture Credit: Kind Bloom Design

As you can see there are some really unique wedding favours available from Canadian businesses. Thank you for supporting these local shops. If you’re still looking for a great wedding venue, check out this list of the best wedding venues in Canada.

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