If you’re looking to make the switch to reusable fabric gift bags and want to choose more sustainable gift wrapping options, we’ve got you covered. There are some amazing Canadian businesses creating made in Canada gift bags that take your gift wrapping up a notch while also reducing waste.


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These moose and bear gift bags are from PJ Stitches, a local Ontario business. These handmade bags come in a set of three different sizes and there are a few designs to choose from. You can also include a name tag if you’d like.

Picture Credit: PJ Stitches

Sea & Sew is a local Vancouver shop that makes eco-friendly gift wrapping like fabric gift bags and other useful fabric creations. Their gift bags have unique details that we haven’t seen on other bags. Choose from Christmas and holiday themed designs or opt for more neutral, year round prints.

Picture Credit: Sea & Sew

Lapin Blond is a Toronto gift basket shop and they also have beautiful dough bowl candles and handmade gift bags. You’ll be able to find a few gifts all in one shop.

Picture Credit: Lapin Blond

Sew Good Gift Bags, a local Ontario shop based in Orillia, makes these fabric bags in a variety of designs and sizes. You can choose one size or they offer the value pack which includes a large mix of bags so you don’t have to worry about ordering other sizes later on. They have Christmas and birthday themed designs to choose from.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Sew Good Gift Bags

Sewn With Passion is a Victoria BC gift shop that creates so many unique sewn products. Our personal favourite are their fabric planters and a close second are these fabric gift bags. These floral gift bags would make a great gift for flower lovers. They also have Christmas designs to choose from.

Picture Credit: Sewn With Passion

Fabric Wine Gift Bags

Sewing Gemini Canada is another Ontario business making fabric gift bags, including bags specifically for wine bottles. We love the buffalo plaid bag and it would make a great gift for wine lovers. They also have regular fabric gift bag sizes.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Sewing Gemini Canada

Those are our top choices for reusable fabric gift bags that are made in Canada. Thank you for supporting these local shops.