If you’re looking for the best men’s jewellery pieces from Canadian businesses, we’ve got you covered. In this shopping guide we feature everything from men’s dog tag necklaces, to men’s bracelets, chains and more. So whether you’re looking for a gift for him or to add to your own jewellery collection, you’ll love these Canadian men’s jewellery pieces.


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Men’s Jewellery: Dog Tag Necklaces

A great shop to check out for men’s jewellery in Canada is local Montreal jewellery store, Oh Lala. They have a huge collection of men’s jewelry including the popular dog tag necklaces. Their dog tag necklaces can even be customized and engraved which is a really nice touch, especially if this is a gift. We love the minimalist look of their durable stainless steel necklaces.

Picture Credit: Oh Lala

Men’s Jewellery: Tungsten Rings

Steven G Designs is a local Toronto shop that has been in business since 2002. They have become the go-to for men’s tungsten rings. Since tungsten is known for being one of the most scratch-resistant metals, it is now one of the most popular choices for men’s wedding bands or celebratory rings. In this shop, you’ll find designs ranging from matte and minimalistic to bold and bright with the option to include custom laser engraving.

Picture Credit: Steven G Designs

Men’s Jewelry: Chain Necklaces

The Steel Shop is another Montreal jewellery store and should definitely be your go-to for personalized and engraved sterling silver and stainless steel men’s jewelry. This online jewelry shop carries many trendy designs such as Cuban link chains, bar pendants, and leather bracelets. Most of their items can be engraved with personal messages such as names, dates, or even fingerprints.

Another men’s chain necklace option is from Vancouver jewellery store, Just For Men. They have the option to engrave and personalize the round beads that come with this durable stainless steel chain.

Picture Credit: Just For Men

Jewelry For Men: Leather Bracelets

Hammerthreads is a local New Brunswick shop based in Woodstock that makes leather bracelets for men. Their slim leather bracelet is available in 6 colours and is made to order based on your wrist size. Finished with a solid steel snap, these bracelets are perfect for those looking for something minimalist yet sophisticated. They also make incredible leather bags.

Crafted By Citrus is another Toronto jewellery store that has a great collection of men’s jewellery to choose from. Their men’s line carries everything from leather cuffs (shown below) to pendants to gemstone bracelets. They also offer the option for custom-stamped jewellery pieces which are perfect for kids names, dates or a special daily reminder.

Local Vancouver shop, Just For Men, specializes in men’s jewellery and has one of the biggest collections we’ve seen. They have leather bracelets that can be engraved with dates and names on the clasp which gives these bracelets a really unique touch.

Picture Credit: Just For Men

Sports Themed Men’s Jewellery

The Sport Gallery is a local Toronto shop that brings you unique sport-themed jewelry. Their men’s jewellery collection includes necklaces and bracelets that incorporate pieces of authentic game balls or specific stadiums. For example, their NFL football pendant comprises a piece of a regular season football set in a sterling silver pendant. Each pendant is authenticated by the NFL and includes a number you can use to look up the ball’s history.

Or you can see the pendant below features flooring from the Boston Garden basketball floor used from 1946 – 1999. We love these pieces so much that we also included them in our gifts for him Toronto shopping guide.

Men’s Beaded Gemstone Bracelets

Rock Paper Pretty is a local Ontario shop and Canadian jewellery brand. Their beautiful selection of men’s bracelets includes stones such as lapis lazuli, a bold beautiful blue stone that inspires confidence and wisdom as well as black onyx for strength and willpower. These sleek stretch cord bracelets can be dressed up or down and pair seamlessly with any outfit.

Essential Coast is a local British Columbia shop based in Prince Rupert that has a full collection of men’s beaded bracelets. We love that each of their men’s bracelets is named by what inspired the bracelet and has a description of what the beads represent. Some of the names include Grizzly, Woodsman, and Seaman.

Picture Credit: Essential Coast

Woven Stone is a Victoria BC jewellery store that makes unique west-coast inspired gemstone jewelry. In their shop, you’ll find a collection of great men’s jewelry including leather necklaces and woven gemstone bracelets. Their outdoorsman bracelet is made with bloodstone, known for cleansing and realigning the body. Or personal favourite of theirs is the lava gemstone bracelet shown below.

Pellara is a local Ontario shop that creates made in Canada gemstone beaded bracelets for men. For example, their featured men’s gemstone bracelet called Tomorrow is a combination of golden obsidian and blue tiger eye gemstones. These natural stones are known for their energetic protective properties.

Amali is an online crystal and gemstone jewelry shop based in Mississauga, ON. They offer an extensive collection of men’s gemstone bracelets, each with its own unique properties. For example, their ‘Rooted Serenity’ bracelet is made in Canada from black onyx, hematite, and eggshell agate. It’s designed to ground and balance your energy.

This curated list of some of the best men’s jewellery pieces in Canada will help you find a great gift for the men in your life or a new piece of jewellery to add to your collection.

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