Keeping your beard groomed and healthy takes commitment. Lucky for you there are Canadian beard products that can help you grow the healthy beard you’ve always wanted. In this shopping guide we’ve hand-picked a list of Canadian beard care companies and their products to help make shopping easy. Enjoy! 

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Canadian Beard Care Companies


Baarden is a beard care product company based in Toronto, ON. Their beard oil, balm, butter and wash beard bundles include everything you need for growing a healthy beard. You can choose from 7 different scents (unscented available too).  All Baarden beard products are handcrafted in small batches using quality products because in their opinion, “that’s what your beard deserves”. We completely agree.

Canadian Beard Products: Birch Babe Beard Balm

More Canadian beard products that you need to try are from Birch Babe. Their beard oil won 3rd place in the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards and their beard balm won 1st place.

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Canadian Beard Company: The Groom Industries

The Groom Industries creates made in Canada products for men and specifically for bearded men. They create beard wash, oil, conditioner, and balm and also have moustache wax, beard brushes and wooden combs. We love that they offer introductory sets so you can try the products out. These sets would make great gifts as well. 

KT Valley Beard Co

This beard gift box from KT Valley Beard Co, a local Toronto business, has everything you need to look after your beard and would make an incredible gift. The gift box includes beard balm, beard oil, a beard brush and comb, and a soap bar. 

Picture Credit: KT Valley Beard Co.

Sweetpea Naturals: Beard Products

Sweetpea Naturals is a local Manitoba shop based in Vita. They create natural made in Canada skin care and beard oil. Their beard oil helps to detangle, condition and add shine to your bread. It comes in a 60mL bottle which is larger than most beard oils. It’s scented with patchouli, frankincense and cedarwood for a refreshing outdoorsy scent.

Buck Naked

Buck Naked Soap Company is a local Ontario business based in Cambridge, ON. They create their all-natural beard care products in small batches so you know the product you receive is fresh. Their beard line has everything from beard oil, beard balm, and even shaving soap if you decide it’s time for a change.

Bearded Nomad

The beard comb from Bearded Nomad (based in Hamilton, ON) is a stylish comb that’s thoughtfully designed with all the important details in mind. It’s made using redwood, has both fine and wide tooth combs, and comes with a leather carrying case. The fact that you can fit it in your pocket, makes it the perfect beard comb.

Picture Credit: Bearded Nomad

Tub Loves

The beard balm from local Ontario shop based in Hanover, Tub Loves, is one of many products in their men’s skin care line. It’s created using all natural ingredients, including 100% pure Canadian beeswax. It’s meant to be the final step in your beard care routine.


Vonbros has a number of great beard care products including beard brushes. These are great for brushing your beard (obviously!) but also for exfoliating your skin and distributing your natural oils throughout your beard. They’re made with natural wood and ethical boar bristles and for the ultimate attention to detail – branded with the Vonbros logo. They also have a Beard Growth Elixir which is a special mix of all-natural oils with the main goal of helping your beard grow to its full potential.

Canadian Beard Products: Earthnotes Skin Care

Earthnotes Skin Care is a local Montreal shop and has two beard products to choose from – Beard Wash & Beard Balm. Both products are made using clean ingredients and have a woodsy and musky scent.


Malechemy’s collection of Canadian beard products includes pomade that can be used to style beards and moustaches. It has a woodsy scent and easily washes out with shampoo. 

C’Amoré & Co.: Beard Products

C’Amoré & Co. creates beard balm and beard oil using all natural ingredients. Both their beard balm and oil will help maintain a healthy, moisturized beard. They come in unscented or citrus woods scents and are an Ontario business based in Brampton.

Hereward Farms

Hereward Farms has created the ‘Angry Dad Beard Oil’ that’s infused with relaxing and nourishing lavender. The lavender used in this product is grown on their Ontario lavender farm. This beard oil will help nourish and hydrate your beard.

There are so many awesome Canadian beard products to try out yourself or to give to your bearded friend or partner. These Canadian beard companies make shopping for beard products so easy.

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