Are you looking for the best gifts for bird lovers and want to support Canadian businesses? Perfect! We’ve handpicked this entire list of bird-themed gift ideas so shopping will be super easy. From the most unique bird houses, to original art and bird-themed home decor, there’s something for everyone.


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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Bird Themed Home Decor

This beautiful fused glass bird is made in Canada by KE Studio, a local Ontario business based in Innisfil. They have a number of bird themed products to choose from like ornaments but we really love this fused glass blue bird that stands on a piece of live edge wood. It would look great on a book shelf, dresser or mantel.

Picture Credit: KE Studios Fused Glass

Gifts For Bird Lovers: Mini Original Bird Painting

Canadian artist, Melissa McCarthy, is so creative. Not only does she create incredible original bird paintings, but she also makes really beautiful and unique pottery houses and figurines. Her local St. John’s Newfoundland business is called Made With Clay & Love. We also included these mini bird paintings in our original art under $100 shopping guide.

Picture Credit: Made With Love & Clay

Gifts For Bird Lovers: Stained Glass Birds

SNL Creations is a Canadian stained glass studio and local New Brunswick shop based in Minto. They have an entire section in their shop that’s dedicated to birds. These adorable and super colourful stained glass birds make a great gift for bird lovers and will definitely brighten a home.

Picture Credit: SNL Creations

Bird Lover Gifts: Wooden Birdhouses

Driftwood Bay Gallery is a local British Columbia shop based in Maple Ridge that creates made in Canada bird houses. Their bird houses are not only incredibly beautiful and look great hanging in your backyard, but they’re also functional. They’re meant to be used by birds and not just for decor. They even make a ceramic piece for around the bird house entry hole so that squirrels or other predators can’t chew through the hole. What incredible attention to detail! The bright colours are an added bonus.

Picture Credit: Driftwood Bay Gallery

This awesome bird house is made in Canada by Dezigned For U, a local Ontario shop. I absolutely love these bird houses and gave this to my Mom for a Mother’s Day gift last year. It can be used as an actual bird house or as decor. I chose the pale purple colour but they come in so many different colours. We love the tin roof and star details along with the crystal knob. It looks beautiful when the sun shines on it. I bought this bird house from local Gravenhurst shop, The Shipyards Muskoka Marketplace.

Retro Bird T-Shirt

Vancouver clothing store, Roving Mist Design Co., has a great collection of bird themed shirts that would make an awesome gift for bird lovers. We personally love this retro bird collage t-shirt shown below. 

Picture Credit: Roving Mist Design Co.

Bird Gifts: Blue Jay Greeting Card

Porchlight Press is a Canadian greeting card company and local Vancouver shop that has some really gorgeous bird greeting cards and journals. We love this blue jay card (shown below) and especially love that it can be framed and enjoyed because it doesn’t have any event-specific phrases on it. 

Picture Credit: Porchlight Press

Stained Glass Birdhouses

Houses & Glass By Rick is a Canadian stained glass shop and local British Columbia shop based in Kamloops. Rick creates a numbers of birdhouses that would make great gifts for bird lovers. If you’re looking for a unique decor piece, Rick’s stained glass bird houses are incredibly beautiful. He also makes wooden birdhouses that are meant for birds.

Picture Credit: Houses & Glass By Rick

Gifts For Bird Lovers: Porcelain Birdhouses

Kelowna pottery shop, Petals To Pottery, creates unique porcelain bird houses in a variety of shapes and colours. 

Picture Credit: Petals To Pottery

Metal Bird Sculpture

Another great gift idea for bird lovers is from Iron Crow Studio, a local Manitoba shop based in Domain. They make a variety of made in Canada metal bird sculptures that can be screwed to a fence post, railing or somewhere in your garden. The metal will patina over time which adds more details and uniqueness to this gift throughout the years.

Picture Credit: Iron Crow Studio

Gifts For Bird Lovers: Vintage Bird Garland

This garland features bird prints that are painted by Canadian artist, Doro Marcello. This garland would make a great gift for bird lovers but it would also make a lovely Canadian souvenir because it features all Canadian birds.

Picture Credit: Doro Marcello

These are our top picks when it comes to the best gifts for bird lovers. We stand by these products and know your support of these Canadian businesses is greatly appreciated.

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