If you’re on the hunt for a new rug and looking for Toronto rug stores, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered a growing list of local Toronto shops offering gorgeous rugs in different styles and designs below. Some shops offer beautiful handwoven Moroccan rugs, others feature antique rugs and other shops have modern designs. This shopping guide will help you find the perfect rug. If you’re looking to style your entire home, you’ll also be interested in our guide to Toronto furniture stores.


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Rugs To Furnish: Toronto Rugs

If you are looking for a rug rich in colour and culture, then you have come to the right shop. Toronto rug shop, Rugs To Furnish, prides themselves on bringing handmade rugs directly from South Asia. Giving you access to beautiful handmade rugs from small towns and villages, full of traditional, bright colours and patterns unique to their culture. The patterns and bright colour pallets will add a vibrance and culture to your home.

Picture Credit: Rugs To Furnish

FYS Distributor: Toronto Rug Stores

Looking for a vintage or antique handwoven rug? FYS Distributor is a Toronto rug shop that sources, restores and cleans each rug meticulously so you can enjoy a beautiful, authentic handwoven rug in your home. You will be treated incredibly well as their number one priority is customer satisfaction.

Picture Credit: FYS Distributor

Taj Rugs & Home

These incredible handmade rugs will make a subtle yet bold statement to your home décor. With over 5,000 rugs to choose from, in various patterns and colour schemes, you’ll be sure to find the perfect rug for you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, send the owners a message with your preferred colours, patterns, style and size and they will help you find the perfect rug to match your home. This is a third generation, family run business who prides themselves on keeping the art of rug weaving alive.

Picture Credit: Taj Rugs & Home

Mumo Toronto

The bold, modern patterns of the Mumo Toronto rugs will be a conversation started with all of your guests. They’re the perfect way to add colour, patterns and a wow factor to your home. The use of deep, vibrant colours or neutral modern designs are very impactful and are the perfect statement piece for any room. Salma, the founder of Mumo Toronto, takes great pride in employing Egyptian artisans to collaborate on their hand-woven rugs, pillows, table runners and more. They’re provided a fair livable wage which makes a huge social and financial impact on their lives. Mumo Toronto is also committed to providing high quality products while promoting sustainability throughout their business.

Picture Credit: Mumo Of Toronto Rugs

House Of Vira

Rich in Indian culture, hand made by artisans in India each of these rugs brings a uniqueness to your home. With bold or soft colours, geometric patterns, block patterns, texture, tassels and shag details you will find the perfect rug to enhance any space in your home. “Pushing the Boundaries of Colour” is the inspiration behind how the House Of Vira selectively chooses their goods for their shop. Understanding how taking a chance of adding colour into your space can make such a statement and bring vibrance into your home.

Picture Credit: House Of Vira

Toronto Rugs: JV Home Design

A rug seems to be the forgotten style piece for your home, always the last on everyone’s list but in my opinion, the most important piece. The rug ties all of your style and décor items together, it’s the added comfort, softness, texture and pattern and vibrance that your home needs. At JV Home Design, there are many different colour combinations, patterns, colour blocking designs and more to choose from. Pulling their inspiration from the Middle East and French designs, you will find the perfect rug to anchor your homes aesthetic.

Picture Credit: JV Home Design

Atelier 688

It is very apparent that Toronto rug shop, Atelier 688, is owned and operated by an artist. With contemporary, modern and vintage designs, you will find the most unique rugs. Their rugs feature one of a kind designs that make a statement to any room in your home. They also carry a collection of other home decor pieces.

Picture Credit: Atelier 688

Khorasan Rugs: Rugs In Toronto

The different reds, blues, greens, oranges and yellows are so vibrant and work cohesively with the incredible and unique patterns to make beautiful rugs for any room in your home. The attention to detail in each rug will for sure entice conversations with your guests. The rugs from Khorasan Rugs are made by Afghan artisans who bring the vibrance and uniqueness of their culture into every rug they make, giving you a beautiful accent piece and addition to your home.

Picture Credit: Khorasan Rugs

Cushy Home Decor

With a Bohemian feel, these rugs and pillow covering are hand made by Egyptian artisans. With bold contrasting colours and modern designs, the rugs are perfect for making an impactful statement in any room of your home or if you want to go with more of a subtle accent, you can choose from the many different pillow coverings. With strong patterns, fringes to create unique textures, or accent tassels, the Boho rugs and pillows will liven up any room in your home.

Picture Credit: Cushy Home Decor

Maison Pear

The love for beautifully handcrafted home goods started when as a child Rosa, the owner of Maison Pear, would take family trips every summer back to their parents’ hometown in Portugal. The warm colours and intricate patterns of each rug make for a subtle yet impactful design statement in your home. With every piece Rosa chooses you can feel the influence and culture of her trips back to Portugal.

Picture Credit: Maison Pear

Rugs In Toronto: Kasra Persian Rugs

With a huge selection of beautifully crafted, handwoven rugs, you are bound to find the perfect rug for your home at Toronto rug store, Karsa Persian Rugs. Providing an array of sizing to fit your room, choose from the many different styles, patterns and colours to compliment any room in your home. We personally love the black and white modern rug shown below.

Picture Credit: Kasra Persian Rugs

Mararamiro: Toronto Rug Shop

Mararamiro is a Toronto furniture store and that offers a beautiful vintage and contemporary rugs. Choose from plush and textured finishes or maybe you prefer a more vibrant pattern and colour but a thinner rug. Whatever you are looking for to compliment your home, they have a small but beautiful selection to choose from.

Picture Credit: Mararamiro


Moroccan rugs have become a very popular choice and we completely understand why. A few of these reasons are for their vibrant colours, intricate and unique designs, and quality craftsmanship. If you’re looking for Moroccan rugs, Mellah is the Toronto rug store to visit. You can choose from new or vintage Moroccan rugs. With incredible, vibrant coloured rugs, with unique designs and beautiful textures, you will find the perfect rug to pull a room together and make a statement. They even offer cleaning and repair services for any type of rug. 

Visit them in person at:

  • 309 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, ON

Design Republic

Toronto furniture store, Design Republic, has all of your rug needs covered. With modern designs, patterns and colours, you can choose a rug for any room in your house including your outdoor spaces. They even have washable rugs that can go straight in the washing machine when the inevitable spills happen or the everyday dirt builds up.

Visit them in person at:

  • 190 Norseman St. Unit 400, Toronto, ON
  • The Well 486 Front St. West, Toronto, ON

Hopefully this helped you find where to shop rugs in Toronto and introduced you to a new local shop you can support. We’ll continue to update this list as we discover more Toronto rug shops.