6 Canadian Coffee Shops To Visit

Do you love discovering unique coffee shops when you travel as much as we do? Perfect! We’ve rounded up 6 Canadian Coffee Shops that you need to add to your coffee shop bucket list. Enjoy! 

Canadian Coffee Shops

1. Fika – Toronto, Ontario

Imagine a coffee shop that has an entire wall filled with books. Ok… That doesn’t sound exciting… except that these books are not on shelves; they are actually opened up and layered to create an incredible wall mural. Fika is a Canadian coffee shop found in the heart of Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario. The name of the cafe (Fika) is actually a Swedish verb meaning “to go out for coffee” or to take a “coffee break”. Apparently in Sweden it’s standard to invite your friends for a coffee break every few hours. Umm what? That’s amazing and something we can definitely get behind. Fika is located in a quaint home that’s light and airy and even has a backyard patio with a hammock. It’s the perfect place to escape the city for a little bit. Fika serves a wide variety of warm and cold beverages as well as baked goods inspired by Sweden, including their Swedish cinnamon buns. Yum!

Toronto Coffee shops, Canadian coffee shops

2. High Seas Coffee – Linden, Alberta

Does anyone else think there is an extra special charm to coffee shops in small towns? Just us? High Seas Coffee is located in the tiny town of Linden, Alberta (population roughly 800 people). This Canadian coffee shop is a family-owned local cafe that lovingly hand roasts their quality coffee in small batches to be enjoyed and sold in their shop. A visit to the coffee shop will be welcomed with friendly smiles, a tasty breakfast and lunch menu loaded with filling foods, ice cream and obviously … a remarkable cup of Joe.

3. Grains de Folie – Caraquet, New Brunswick

Originally a heritage building in Caraquet, New Brunswick, the Grains de Folie coffee shop transformed the building into a welcoming attraction for those visiting the area. Founded in 2007, the French bakery has continued to grow in popularity thanks to the adorable and picturesque appeal of the building – just check out the exterior! This Canadian coffee shop offers a range of artisan products from the local and surrounding areas as well as coffee and baked goods. The building also offers a place to eat lunch and dinner, a lounge area, and a conference and reception room for events.

Canadian coffee shops

4. Tommy Café and Apéro – Montreal, Quebec

Featuring mid-century furniture, Victorian architecture, natural decor, and delicious coffee and pastries, Tommy Cafe and Apero is a Canadian coffee shop you definitely need to add to your bucket list. The hanging vines and unique furniture are what make this cafe stand out among others in such a coffee-loving city. Seriously though, just check out their Instagram account. In addition to the design of the space, you are offered unique food options that include everything from Lucky Charms to avocado toast. In their words, “whether you live, work or visit the area, our space is ideal for your daily caffeine fix or your Happy Hour gatherings.”

Montreal Coffee Shops, Canadian Coffee shops
Montreal Coffee Shops, Canadian coffee shops

5. Breeze Bakery – Schreiber, Ontario

On your next road trip across Canada, along the Highway 17 stretch between Toronto and Winnipeg, there’s an adorable cafe nestled in the remote Northern community of Schreiber, ON. Breeze Bakery has some of the most unique baked goods, lattes (carrot cake and cotton candy latte pictured below) and food items we’ve ever come across. This small town coffee shop is completely worth the stop and the local smiling faces will be happy to see you. It’s the perfect place to rest and enjoy some delicious food before you’re on your way. We also highly recommend heading to the Schreiber beach after your breakfast or lunch for the breathtaking views of Lake Superior.

Schreiber Ontario, Canadian coffee shops

6. Regal Cat Café – Calgary, Alberta

Do you love cats as much as the next animal lover (and us!)? Then The Regal Cat Cafe is where you’ll get your fix. This Canadian coffee shop is located in Calgary, Alberta and offers you the chance to enjoy a warm beverage then cuddle a cute cat – what more could you want?! They have a separate room filled with cats that are ready to be pet, snuggled, and played with after you have enjoyed your food and drink. Sound too good to be true? There’s more! Each and every cat is from the MEOW foundation and are adoptable. These cats live in the cafe as a temporary home until they find their furever (see what we did there) family! This unique cafe serves locally roasted coffees, teas, and baked goods from other nearby Calgary businesses.

Calgary Coffee Shops, Canadian coffee shops, Cat Cafe calgary

We hope you found a new Canadian coffee shop to add to your bucket list! Make sure you save this article and please feel free to share it with your coffee-loving friends.

*All pictures are from the website or Instagram accounts of the businesses listed.

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