If you’re looking for the best gifts for beach lovers from Canadian shops, we’ve picked our favourite beach themed gifts to share with you. If you have someone in your life that loves all things beach related and spending time in the sand or playing in the waves, these gifts will definitely make them smile and remind them of their time at the beach.


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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Sea Glass Jewellery

Baubles By Bets is a local Toronto jewellery store creating really beautiful stud earrings made with sea glass. The sea glass is wrapped with sterling silver, gold fill or rose gold wire to create a really unique stud earring. They have a few colours to choose from but we definitely like the blue sea glass earrings the most (shown below).

Picture Credit: Baubles By Bets

Huron Glass is a mother-daughter Ontario business that creates beautiful jewellery using genuine sea glass that they collect along Lake Huron themselves. Then they turn these collected beach treasures into beautiful jewellery. Our personal favourite gifts for beach lovers is the wave necklace which has sea glass hanging from it. We also think their sea glass friendship bracelets would make a great gift for teenage girls.

Picture Credit: Huron Glass

Another Canadian business creating jewellery with sea glass is Barefoot & Braids, a local Nanaimo BC business. They also create sea glass art, but we really love their sea glass hoop earrings. They are minimalist in design with a unique pop of colour.

Picture Credit: Barefoot & Braids

Swell Beach Company is another Canadian business that has a variety of accessories that make perfect gifts for beach lovers. Many of their products include sea glass, shells and coconut beads. Their products would be a great gift for anyone who loves unique accessories with a beachy vibe.

Picture Credit: Swell Beach Company

Gifts For Beach Lovers: Beach Themed Pottery

Earthen Impressions Co is a Canadian pottery studio creating unique pottery mugs and one in particular is perfect for beach lovers. This pottery mug has shell carvings embedded in the clay to create a really cool mug with some texture.

Picture Credit: Earthen Impressions Co.

Loghouse Farm is a Canadian pottery studio located in British Columbia. They have so many unique pottery pieces to choose from. For beach lovers, we love their pottery starfish pieces. They would make great decor on a bookshelf or tiered display shelf. They also have a starfish soap dish as well as starfish ornament.

Picture Credit: Loghouse Farm

Beach Gifts: Beach Bags

Crafting the harvest is a local Calgary business that makes handmade cotton rope baskets & beach bags. They have a few colours to choose from, but all of them are minimalist neutral colors. These would make a great gift for beach lovers who appreciate made in Canada products.

Picture Credit: Crafting The Harvest

Beach Lover Gifts: Beach Scented Candles

You can bring the scents of a great day at the beach to your gift recipient. Canadian candle company, Breathe In The Light, has created the perfect candle for beach lovers. Their ‘Beach Day’ candle comes in different sizes and includes scents of raspberry and pineapple mixed with scents of the sea. Regardless of the season, this candle will transport you to days spent at the beach.

Picture Credit: Breathe In The Light

Beach Themed Decor & Art Gift Ideas

Another great gift for beach lovers is this made in Canada ocean-inspired wave bowl. It’s made by local Langley BC shop, Sandy Beach Bum. They use resin, acrylic crystals and glass stones to create this bowl. It’s a great display piece on a table or shelf and they even suggest putting a battery operated tea light inside to capture the sparkle.

Picture Credit: Sandy Beach Bum

Made by waves is a local Ontario business based in Nanticoke. They create a number of made in Canada products using sea glass and driftwood collected from the shores of Lake Erie. Our favourite product from their shop are the wall hangings that feature sea glass, ceramic, metal, stone, and driftwood. This wall art also doubles as a suncatcher if you’d like to hang it in your window.

Picture Credit: Made By Waves

Sally Chupick, the owner of Cottage Beach Art is one of our favourite Canadian artists. She creates a variety of paintings, but we particularly like her mini oil paintings on wood and recently purchased one ourselves. These mini paintings feature a collection of landscapes, including lots of beach inspired art. We included these paintings in our shopping guide for original art under $100 and included Sally Chupick’s Etsy shop in our list of best Canadian Etsy shops where you can see which painting of hers we purchased.

Picture Credit: Sally Chupick

Next up we have beautiful beach inspired resin coasters from Maple & Pine Artistry, a local Ontario business based in Oshawa. These coasters include real sand, real pebbles, and seashells. They make an incredible gift for beach lovers.

Picture Credit: Maple & Pine Artistry

Nature Collaborations is a local Langley BC shop that creates artwork with the waves of the water. Their unique process allows them to capture an imprint of the wave directly on the paper. It’s a really unique way to bring the ocean into your home.

Picture Credit: Nature Collaborations

Hearts & Bloom is a Victoria BC business creating a variety of products but ones that are perfect for beach lovers is their beach wall art. This art includes waves and sand along with little pebbles and rocks to create wall art that gives you an aerial view of the beach.

Picture Credit: Hearts & Bloom

Laurel Irving Studio is a local Winnipeg business, creating made in Canada suncatchers with authentic sea glass. These make a great gift for beach lovers. She also has a unique collection of sea glass and sea shell jewellery.

Picture Credit: Laurel Irving Studio

Beach Towels

Pomp & Sass is a local Ontario business that has a collection of high quality Turkish towels. Their towels are lightweight and dry quickly so they’re perfect for bringing to the beach. 

Those are our top picks for the best gifts for beach lovers from Canadian businesses. Thank you for supporting these local Canadian shops. You might also be interested in these gifts for travel lovers or these Canadian swimwear brands.

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