Have you been considering switching to Canadian shampoo bars as a way of reducing plastic consumption and support a local Canadian business? Perfect! In this shopping guide we’ve gathered a list of of local shops in Canada that make or sell shampoo bars to help you easily switch to more eco-friendly hair care.

Not only are shampoo bars a great way to reduce one-time plastic use, they also tend to be made from higher-quality ingredients and last longer than liquid shampoos, saving you money in the long run. Click on your province in the Table Of Contents below or search through the entire list. We also share the Canadian shampoo bars we’ve been using and loving for the past year.


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!


Before we get into our shampoo bar shopping guide that’s broken down by province, we want to share our personal favourite Canadian shampoo bar with you.

Our top pick and the shampoo bar we personally use on a weekly basis is from Pure Anada, a local Manitoba business. We love it because it lathers the same as traditional shampoo and doesn’t leave our hair feeling heavy or dirty like we’ve experience with other bars. It’s been especially handy to take on trips because you don’t have to worry about shampoo leaking in your suitcase and you can even take it in your carry-on. This makes it a great gift idea for travel lovers.

It comes in six scents but our favourite so far is the cooling peppermint and rosemary. We know it looks a little interesting but trust us, this is a great shampoo bar. 

Nolah Organics

Local Edmonton business, Nolah Organics, creates a nourishing shampoo bar. All of the ingredients they use in their shampoo bar, like cocoa butter and green tea, are designed to help your hair grow and nourish your hair. We also included Nolah Organics in our Canadian black owned businesses list.

Picture Credit: Nolah Organics

Happy Hippo Bath: Canadian Shampoo Bars

Happy Hippo Bath is another awesome Alberta business creating made in Canada shampoo bars and bath bombs. They worked on this shampoo bar for over a year to make sure it was high quality and loved by their testers. We love that they use product testers before offering their shampoo bars to the general public. 

Tiny Mountain Village

Tiny Mountain Village is a local Alberta business based in Sylvan Lake. Their shampoo bar includes nourishing ingredients along with essential oils like spearmint, tea tree and rosemary which are great for your scalp and helping with hair growth.

Prairie Soap Shack

Prairie Soap Shack, based in Red Deer AB, brings you shampoo and conditioner bars in zero waste packaging. Infused with citrus essential oils, these shampoo bars help increase circulation to the scalp which can help stimulate hair growth.

Em Elle Em Soaps

Emelleem Soaps is based in Calgary, AB. They create a variety of bath and body products including a large collection of shampoo bars. Their natural shampoo bars come in a variety of scents including balsam cedar, lilac, cherry blossom, irish breeze, peppermint, green tea, vanilla pumpkin marshmallow and more. They have so many 5 star reviews!

Three Sisters Soap Co.

Three Sisters Soap Co. is an Indigenous owned local Calgary business. Along with a collection of natural bath & body products, they have two shampoo bars to choose from including nourishing goat’s milk and honey.


Wychbury Ave: Shampoo Bars

Wychbury Ave is a local Victoria BC business that makes lightly scented soaps that are free of harsh chemicals. They make traditional shampoo bars and they also make all-natural dry shampoo for light or dark hair.

Bottle None: Shampoo Bars In Canada

Bottle None is a local British Columbia shop based in Coldstream offering natural salon quality Canadian shampoo bars. They have a variety of shampoo bars to choose from depending on what your hair needs. They also create Canadian skin care products.

Salt & Seaweed Apothecary

Salt & Seaweed Apothecary based in Lantzville, BC creates luxury shampoo bars infused with active ocean ingredients such as wild seaweed and ocean water. These bars provide gentle conditioning using an all-natural formula making them suitable for all hair types.

Forest Etiquette

Forest Etiquette is a local Victoria BC shop that makes natural skin care and shampoo bars. Their shampoo bars are crafted with hair strengthening and moisturizing ingredients. If you live in the Victoria BC area, you can save on shipping and pick up your order.

Picture Credit: Forest Etiquette

Wild Jasmine

Wild Jasmine (based in Vancouver, BC) was inspired by owner, Jasmine’s, personal struggle with skin sensitivities and reactions to harsh chemicals in commercial hair and skin products. Their all-natural shampoo bars are made from plant oils, butters and essential oils. They’ve also ensured zero-waste packaging by using seed paper. Once you remove the shampoo bar, simply cover the packaging in a thin layer of soil, place in the sun and water it and wildflowers will grow!


Pure Anada Shampoo Bars

As we mentioned at the top of this shopping guide, these are currently our favourite shampoo bars in Canada and the bars we’ve personally been using for over a year. You can choose between different scents and various treatments including balancing, cooling, detoxifying, refreshing, soothing and stimulating. We love how much these bars lather. 

Canadian Shampoo Bars: Zero Waste MVMT

Zero Waste MVMT is a local Winnipeg shop and online Canadian eco-friendly store. The owners, Zac and Janelle, had spent time traveling abroad and saw how less developed countries struggled with waste management and that they were left with contaminated waterways and beaches. This is part of what inspired them to create a space to educate and advocate about the harmful effects of excessive waste. Just one of their shampoo bars can replace up to 3-250ml bottles of regular shampoo.

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Sweetpea Naturals

Sweetpea Naturals is a local Manitoba shop based in Vita. They believe we each have 2 homes, the earth, and our bodies. That’s why they’re passionate about creating chemical-free, eco-friendly, cruelty-free alternatives to everyday hair and skincare products. Their shampoo bars can be used for both hair and body and come in a variety of scents, including Woodsy Jay, a subtle smoky scent reminiscent of a weekend at the cabin.

CG Pure Wash

CG Pure Wash based in Winnipeg, MB creates handmade bath and body products. Their shampoo bars work for all hair types and come in a Lavender Chamomile scent or Mountain Trail, a delightful mix of sandalwood and bay rum. As a certified cruelty-free brand, they have committed to donating 2% of all sales to help animal shelters in Manitoba.


Upfront Cosmetics

Upfront Cosmetics based in Nackawic, NB carries a large variety of shampoo and conditioner bars designed for your hair’s specific needs. They have everything from a sensitive scalp formula to a shampoo bar made specifically for babies and kids.


Simply Sublime

Simply Sublime Soaps is a local Halifax shop that makes a number of bath & body products including shampoo bars. Their shampoo bars are made in small batches with so many nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut oil. 


Skipping Stone Soap

Skipping Stone (based in Burlington, ON) shampoo bars are all made using high quality organic ingredients and come in a variety of scents like lemonade stand, starry night and arctic rain.


ETEE is a Toronto-based eco-friendly shop that carries a number of really unique zero-waste products including shampoo bars. Their lavender-chamomile scented shampoo bar is made using plant-based ingredients that cleanse and nourish just like regular shampoo.

Picture Credit: ETEE

Plantish Future

The shampoo bars from Toronto business Plantish Future are made with natural ingredients that won’t strip your hair of healthy oils but are still able to clean your hair. They come in three types depending on your hair needs – hydrate for dry and curly hair, nourish for coloured hair and rebalance for oily and fine hair.

Picture Credit: Plantish Future

Bare Mountain Soap Company

Bare Mountain based in Kawartha Lakes, ON brings you fun, fragrant all-natural shampoo bars. From mojito to grapefruit to orange goji, their formulas are designed for each unique hair type and are concentrated enough to last up to 80 shampoos. Afterward, be sure to follow up with one of their hydrating conditioner bars.

Pearl & Moss Botanicals

Pearl & Moss Botanicals (based in Wawa, ON) creates herbal based, handcrafted bath and body products including shampoo bars. They have five shampoo bars to choose from depending on your needs. They also have hair rinses that help add extra conditioning and shine to your hair.

Ardent Earth

  • Based in Toronto, ON

C’Amoré & Co.

C’Amoré & Co. is an online natural skin care shop based in Brampton, ON. Along with a full product line of soaps, lotion bars, body butters (and more) they have a cleansing shampoo bar. Their shampoo bar is filled with antioxidants and vitamins that help promote hair growth while also controlling dandruff and keeping your scalp clean.


Island Lavender Distillery

  • Ships from St. Catherines, PEI



BKIND is a popular all-natural beauty and skincare brand based in Montreal, QC. While they have a shampoo and conditioner bar for every hair type, they are one of the few shops to have a specific coily and curly hair bar. This shampoo bar is designed with wheat proteins, shea butter and other nourishing ingredients that help curly hair get a little extra moisture and keep its bounce.

Savon Diligences

Savon Diligences based in Austin, QC has been a powerhouse in the Quebec cosmetics industry since 2005. While they carry many types of skincare products ranging from facial care to deodorants, our personal favourite is their shampoo bar for blonde hair. This all-natural shampoo bar has anti-yellowing properties due to its blue-purple colour as well as the use of lemon and chamomile essential oils for their lightening properties.

Seeds Cosmetics

Seeds Cosmetics based in Pointe-Calumet, QC creates handmade, all-natural soaps, balms, and perfumes. Their organic shampoo bars come in 3 varieties for oily, normal, or dry hair and can last up to 50 washes with proper storage.

Liliblanc: Shampoo Bars In Canada

Liliblanc based in Saint-Jérôme, QC was founded by sisters, Sylvie and Nadia. Their extensive line of shampoo bars are designed based on your hair type, such as oily or dry hair. They even have a special shampoo bar designed specifically for cats and dogs.

Savonnerie Bon Bain

Savonnerie Bon bain located in Rouyn-Noranda, QC is an online, artisanal soap shop. Their pressed shampoo bars come in 9 scents such as Love Spell, a warm blend of fruity and sweet scents of cherry, vanilla, and jasmine.

Cocooning Love

Cocooning Love is a skin and haircare shop based in Montreal, QC.  Their haircare line includes hair masks, dry shampoo, and solid shampoos and conditioner bars. Infused with mango powder and oat protein, their solid shampoo helps bring shine and strength to your locks.


Corinnes Caprines

Corinne Caprines is a local Saskatchewan shop based in Star City. Their shampoo bars include goats milk that they get from their very own goats. It also includes other natural and nourishing ingredients like avocado and moroccan clay.


Yukon Soaps Company

Yukon Soaps Company based in Mayo, YT is an Indigenous-owned and operated company that brings you handcrafted Canadian shampoo bars, soaps, and essential oil blends. Their products showcase the love they have for their land and heritage by featuring wild rose petals, juniper berries, and beadwork of other Indigenous artisans.

As you can see, there are so many amazing shops to buy Canadian shampoo bars. Here’s to being more eco-friendly without sacrificing great hair.

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