Compostable Phone Cases

If you’re on the hunt for compostable phone cases and want to shop from a Canadian business, you’re in the right place. We’re excited to share our personal experience and review of these eco-friendly phone cases with you. 


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We’ve been trying to make the switch to more eco-friendly products especially when it comes to accessories, including for our phones. We were excited to find Canadian business, Pela Case, who specializes in creating eco-friendly accessories for phones and a few other tech products. We had no idea compostable phone cases even existed.

We weren’t sure how the case would compare to plastic alternatives but we’ve been pleasantly surprised.

The first thing we noticed about the case we ordered from Pela Case is how you could actually see the grains of flax they use to create these cases. We liked the look of this but surprisingly it served a different purpose in that it was so much easier to grip our phones. It wasn’t slippery like our plastic cases. This was definitely an added bonus that we weren’t expecting.

We opted for the purple case but they have so many unique designs to choose from so you can definitely find one that expresses your style perfectly.

Compostable phone cases in Canada do exist and they’re an easy option to reduce your environmental impact while protecting your phone.

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