Best Mother’s Day Mugs

We have handpicked our favourite Mother’s Day mugs in Canada to help you find the perfect mug for your Mom. Mugs are such a great gift because everyone uses them daily. Some of the mugs are cute and heartfelt, others will make you and your Mom laugh.  


All pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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Mother's Day Pottery Mugs

Custom Pottery Mug

This gorgeous mug from Canadian pottery studio, Thistlewood Pottery, is perfect for Mother’s Day because you can have it completely customized with a special message for your Mom.

Picture Credit: Thistlewood Pottery

If you’d prefer to simply buy your Mom a beautiful mug without any words or pictures, we highly recommend these Canadian pottery artists.

Personalized Mother's Day Mugs

Raising Wildflowers Mug: Mother’s Day Mugs

Studio Seventeen is a local Ontario shop based in Sarnia that has a number of Mother’s day mugs that can be completely customized. We love the ‘Raising Wildflowers’ mug shown below that you can personalize with your children’s names.

Picture Credit: Studio Seventeen

Personalized Picture Mugs For Mother’s Day

These cute Mom & Me mugs are from local Quebec shop, Alluring Labels. We love that you can completely customize every aspect of the image. You can choose the hair colour, outfits, hair style, skin colour and more. It’s a super cute mug for Mother’s Day!

Funny Mother's Day Mugs

Mother’s Day Mugs: Mommy’s Little S****

This funny Mother’s day mug is from local Toronto shop, Beaver Fun Party Decor. If your Mom or wife has a sense of humour and would find this one funny, it’s a cute personalized mug option.

Picture Credit: Beaver Fun Party Decor

From Your Second Born Mug

This fun Mother’s Day mug is from local Ontario shop, Brittany Kelly Designs. It’s guaranteed to get a laugh and is perfect if you’re the second born looking for a gift for your Mom.

Picture Credit: Brittany Kelly Designs

Mother’s Day Mugs: Ask Dad

This funny ‘Ask Dad’ mug is from Harpsons, a local Alberta shop in Grande Prairie. They have lots of other mugs to choose from but this one never gets old!

Picture Credit: Harpsons

Mother’s Day Mugs: Being My Mom Is The Only Gift You Need

Here’s another fun one from local London Ontario shop, Inkpot. Along with London gift baskets, they also carry a collection of fun mugs. Our top pick for Mother’s Day mugs is the one shown below that reads “Being my Mom is reall the only gift you need”. You can also personalize this one with your name.

Picture Credit: Inkpot

Funny ‘Dear Mom’ Mug

Another funny Mother’s Day mug from Inkpot is the ‘Dear Mom’ one shown below. It reads “Dear Mom, Thanks for putting up with spoiled, ungrateful, messy, annoying children like my siblings”. This mug is perfect if you have siblings and want to get a good laugh from your family.

Picture Credit: Inkpot

Mom, You Were Right

This funny mug is from local Vancouver shop, Taylor Made By TT. We’re pretty sure most Moms would appreciate you admitting they were right about a lot of things!

Picture Credit: Taylor Made By TT

Cute Mom Mugs

Mommy Fuel: Mother’s Day Mugs

Prairie Chick Prints is a local Alberta shop based in Sherwood Park. They have lots of cute and funny mugs and an entire collection devoted to ‘Mom Life’ to choose from. We love this ‘mommy fuel’ pink one shown below.

Mama Needs Coffee Mug

Local Winnipeg shop, Simple Joys Lifestyle, has a cute and colourful ‘Mama Needs Coffee’ mug.

Picture Credit: Simple Joys Lifestyle

Mama Rainbow Mug

Caribou Gifts is a Canadian gift shop and Toronto gift basket company that has a really cute ‘Mama’ mug available in their shop. If you live in Toronto, you might be eligible for local delivery.

Mother’s Day Mugs: Mom Of The Year

Another cute one from local Alberta shop, Harpsons, is this ‘Mother Of the Freaking Year’. It makes a great Mother’s Day gift.

Picture Credit: Harpsons

Mother Vintage Mug

If your Mom is into vintage pieces, this gorgeous vintage Mom mug from local Manitoba shop, Vintage Prairie Gems, is a great find.

Picture Credit: Vintage Prairie Gems

There you have it – some of our favourite Mother’s Day mugs available from Canadian businesses. Black’s is another shop to check out if you’d like to have your own picture added to a mug. Thanks for supporting local shops and business owners in Canada.

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