Turkish Towels In Canada

Turkish towels are different from regular towels because they are lightweight, thin and usually made of long fiber cotton which is very absorbent. Turkish towels are great for travelling, weekends at the beach or any other adventure. We love how stylish Turkish towels are compared to regular towels. We’ve rounded up where you can shop Turkish towels in Canada below. Enjoy!


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Pomp & Sass is an online shop based in Oakville, ON that specializes in luxurious Turkish towels. Their Turkish towels are gorgeous, come in a few colours, patterns and sizes, and have tassel details. Their towels are fast to dry, easy to pack for travel and ethically and sustainably made. They also donate to the Canadian Women’s Foundation with every order.

Townsend Rowe Shop

Townsend Rowe is an online home decor shop based in Langley, BC. They primarily sell a collection of neutral coloured, bohemian themed pillows, but also have gorgeous Turkish hand towels and one body/beach towel to choose from.

Mor Design Inc.

Mor Design Inc. is based in Calgary, AB and carries a growing collection of 100% cotton Turkish towels. Their Turkish hand towels are perfect for a kitchen towel, bathroom hand towel, small baby blanket, hair towel or even a table runner.

Buldan Textile

Buldan is a textile shop based in Fort McMurray, AB. They have a number of table runners, tablecloths, cushion covers and you guessed it – Turkish towels. Their Turkish towels dry up to 40% faster than regular towels and are completely safe to wash in the washing machine. They have towels that are neutral-coloured and some more colourful ones to choose from.

ToweLS land

  • Ships from Richmond Hill, ON

Aesce Studio

  • Ships from Vancouver, BC

Hopefully this helped you find where you can shop Turkish towels in Canada. We’ll continue to update this list as we discover more Turkish towels available across Canada.

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